Why one of Red Hat's harshest critics for CentOS Stream is now a fan

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Commentary: Many developers criticized Red Hat's displacement to a rolling merchandise for CentOS successful December 2020. Find retired wherefore 1 large detractor—the co-founder of CentOS—is changing his tune.


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As if a COVID wintertime wasn't atrocious enough, successful December 2020 Red Hat announced that it was shifting distant from unchangeable builds of CentOS successful favour of the rolling-release improvement of CentOS Stream. For some, this was tantamount to canceling Christmas. After all, galore developers, similar this one, utilized CentOS arsenic a drop-in replacement for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), and wrote that it was "a mode to get the benefits of Red Hat without paying for it." Some developers, successful short, wanted the payment of RHEL but not the terms tag. They weren't blessed astir the change, arsenic Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols elaborate successful his ZDNet nonfiction Red Hat resets CentOS Linux and users are angry

Half a twelvemonth later, immoderate radical look to beryllium coming astir to the benefits of Red Hat's attack with CentOS Stream. This includes, possibly ironically, Greg Kurtzer, co-founder of CentOS. In an interview with The Register, Kurtzer said that, contempt initially warring CentOS Stream, helium present sees it arsenic a superior mode to collaboratively physique bundle that fits endeavor needs: "I was dilatory [to admit this] but I get what they're doing now."

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They who outcry loudest…

A pugnacious determination similar Red Hat's determination to CentOS Stream is ever going to necessitate backbone. I ideate that galore Red Hatters wanted to debar Twitter for days (months?) aft the change. But if you bash thing that you consciousness definite is champion for customers, it's worthy short-term disapproval successful favour of semipermanent lawsuit value. 

I accidental "customer value," but of people you tin beryllium arsenic cynical arsenic you'd similar astir Red Hat's reasoning down the shift. For example, erstwhile Red Hat CTO Chris Wright wrote astir the determination to CentOS Stream, helium painted it successful the lukewarm hues of innovation: "Red Hat believes that shifting our afloat concern to CentOS Stream is the champion mode to further thrust Linux innovation by giving the broader ecosystem assemblage a person transportation to the improvement of RHEL." OK, sure. But it tin besides beryllium work arsenic a mode to get CentOS escaped riders to wage up for RHEL. 

This makes a batch of fiscal sense, adjacent if it's unpopular to instrumentality distant the "free-as-in-beer" RHEL that CentOS utilized to provide. Yet adjacent those with the astir to summation from the aged CentOS exemplary present spot the virtues of CentOS Stream.

Real community, existent speech

Kurtzer admitted that "The extremity of beingness of CentOS arsenic we cognize it had a antagonistic effect connected my institution and my company's customers arsenic good arsenic beauteous overmuch everybody successful the industry." He was, to enactment it mildly, not a fan.

But that was then. This is now.

Now Kurtzer sees CentOS Stream differently. For example, arsenic the laminitis of Rocky Linux, which forked CentOS, "We tin interface with CentOS Stream. [RHEL] is pulling from the CentOS Git repository arsenic we propulsion from the CentOS Git repository. We're much of a adjacent to it." And due to the fact that he's a adjacent not a serf, "Now we tin really propulsion bug fixes straight into that aforesaid git repository that Red Hat's pulling from." 

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In different words, Rocky Linux (and AlmaLinux and different distributions based connected CentOS) is present a contributor to the CentOS community, not simply a beneficiary. Will Red Hat, arsenic the largest institution successful that constellation, payment most? Sure. But CentOS has go a existent unfastened root assemblage again, not simply wherever users enactment up to get escaped RHEL. It has made a instrumentality of Kurtzer: "I deliberation Red Hat has done a tremendous occupation successful presumption of however they orchestrated this. I was dilatory connected the uptake but I get what they're doing now."

Disclosure: I enactment for AWS, but the views expressed herein are mine.

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