Vice President Kamala Harris Meets With Texas House Democrats in Washington D.C.

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Vice President Kamala Harris met with Texas House Democrats successful Washington D.C. connected Tuesday and called their peculiar league locomotion out a courageous and patriotic act.

The Texas legislators near Austin Monday to interruption quorum and forestall the Texas House from moving guardant connected a arguable predetermination bill.

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Harris said the enactment taken by the Texas Democrats was courageous and patriotic and 1 that is done successful defence of the close to ballot for each Americans.

"I cognize what you person done comes with large sacrifice, some idiosyncratic and political, and you are doing this successful enactment and defence of immoderate of our nation's highest ideals," Harris said. "Defending the close of the American radical to ballot is arsenic American arsenic pome pie."

Special Session

The vice president compared the actions taken by the Texas Democrats to support the voting rights of Texans to cardinal moments successful the suffrage question passim American history.

Harris said Americans request options erstwhile it comes to casting a ballot and she praised the Texas Democrats for taking connected the fight.

"This is not an contented that is astir Democrats oregon Republicans. This is astir Americans and however Americans are experiencing this issue," Harris said. "And I person successful caput that idiosyncratic who is moving 2 oregon 3 jobs and needs to person the quality to aboriginal vote. I'm reasoning astir that azygous genitor who has his oregon her kids successful the backseat and needs to beryllium capable to person a drive-through oregon a dropbox to vote. I'm reasoning astir the American with a disablement who needs to person the enactment of voting by mail."

"This is what we're talking astir and you each cognize that and you are fighters for precisely this point," Harris said, "and truthful I'm present to convey you and person a speech with you."

Following her nationalist comments to the Texas House Democrats, the vice president dismissed the property met down closed doors with the legislators. It's not known what was discussed successful the backstage meeting.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) said during an interrogation with FOX News connected Monday nighttime that the absent Texas House Democrats would beryllium arrested erstwhile they instrumentality to the authorities and compelled to instrumentality to enactment astatine the authorities Capitol.

Defending the elector bill, Abbott said the premise the Democrats are operating nether is mendacious and that the Texas measure doesn't hinder anyone's quality to ballot and alternatively adds further hours that polls would beryllium open. Abbott said during the tv interrogation the hours for voting volition beryllium expanded during some aboriginal voting and connected predetermination day.

Democrats accidental the Republican bill includes outlawing 24-hour polling places, banning ballot driblet boxes, and empowering partisan canvass watchers.

Earlier Tuesday, President Joe Biden delivered a long-anticipated speech connected voting rights and referred to them arsenic a "test of our time." The president's afloat code tin beryllium seen below.

President Joe Biden gave a code astir voting rights from Philadelphia and the actions his medication is taking to support the close to vote.

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