Verstappen claims historic F1 qualifying victory

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Max Verstappen out-dragged Lewis Hamilton astatine the commencement of Formula One's experimental archetypal sprint qualifying contention to instrumentality the rod for the British Grand Prix and spoil the homecoming of the seven-time champion.

Hamilton initially seemed good with the decision and showed enthusiasm for the format and the instrumentality vigor astatine packed Silverstone.

"I don't cognize however it looks to ticker from the fans," Hamilton said from aboard an open-air trolley utilized for the "podium" drivers arsenic they were taken for a thigh past the grandstands.

Hamilton said successful the trolley the inaugural sprint contention format was "way much enjoyable. We should bash much similar that, oregon a mentation of it successful the future".

But the Mercedes operator changed his tune by the post-race quality league arsenic helium sullenly accepted he'd mislaid again to Verstappen and Red Bull. Hamilton said determination helium didn't similar the format — which, also, outgo him different constituent successful the standings.

The Dutchman stretched his pb implicit Hamilton by winning the sprint, and takes a 33-point vantage implicit the section operator into Sunday's expansive prix.

"In my sentiment determination needs to beryllium a Saturday and Sunday weekend," Hamilton said.

Max Verstappen leads Lewis Hamilton during the sprint for the F1 Grand Prix of Great Britain. (Formula 1 via Getty Images)

Australia's Daniel Ricciardo qualified sixth for McLaren, a spot down teammate Lando Norris.

Verstappen and third-placed Valtteri Bottas — Hamilton's teammate — said they preferred the accepted three-round qualifying, noting they'd alternatively person utilized the way clip for practice.

The leaders of F1 person recognised the bid needs a freshening arsenic its assemblage starts reaching cardinal younger demographics and truthful this play they tried thing new. One signifier league was chopped and transitioned alternatively connected Friday to the preferred knockout qualifying, which was won by Hamilton.

But that lone acceptable the starting grid for Saturday's sprint contention — dicey due to the fact that there's ever the accidental the drivers don't propulsion hard retired of fearfulness of damaging their cars a time aboriginal erstwhile points aren't connected the line.

That wasn't a occupation due to the fact that it was racy close from Verstappen's leap connected Hamilton arsenic flames changeable from Verstappen's heated near beforehand tire. Fernando Alonso jumped from 11th to 5th successful the opening thigh earlier finishing seventh, and Sergio Perez crashed.

Any accidental of Hamilton yet topping the title person was mislaid erstwhile Verstappen simply drove distant from Hamilton astatine the start.

"They've done a truly large occupation with their engine, their starts are truly large this year," Hamilton said. "We've mislaid a spot of show connected our starts, truthful we've got to enactment a spot harder to amended that."

Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes earlier the sprint for the F1 Grand Prix of Great Britain astatine Silverstone. (Getty)

Verstappen earned 3 points for the win, arsenic good arsenic the pole. It enactment Verstappen successful presumption for a 4th consecutive win, each from pole.

Red Bull has won 5 straight, which includes a Perez victory. He was the biggest casualty of the experimental qualifying erstwhile helium crashed connected the 5th thigh and finished last.

That is simply a crushed Mercedes squad main Toto Wolff pointed to successful favour of sticking with accepted qualifying.

"Overall it is simply a bully adhd on," Wolff said. "I don't privation to spot it each race, I deliberation determination is excessively overmuch randomness ... past is not the spot Sergio Perez should be.

"It could truly enactment against you if you're 1 of the frontrunners truthful determination is excessively overmuch randomness but I deliberation if the adjacent fewer ones spell similar this one, I deliberation it has a spot successful the calendar successful a constricted form."

Sergio Perez drives during signifier up of the F1 Grand Prix of Great Britain astatine Silverstone. (Getty)

The hard racing was celebrated aft the decorativeness arsenic Verstappen, Hamilton and Bottas climbed aboard the trolley. Verstappen was presented with an old-school winner's wreath astir his cervix and each 3 drivers waved to fans arsenic they passed.

Hamilton has not won a contention since May 9 astatine the Spanish GP but Silverstone has agelong been a Mercedes stronghold and the squad has won 7 of the past 8 British GP. Hamilton has won six of those.

With Perez starting past and some Mercedes connected the process of the lone Red Bull, Mercedes believes Hamilton could triumph a seventh British GP and reignite his rubric defense.

"We person pace," Wolff said. "If Lewis would person held the presumption astatine the opening I deliberation we would person beauteous overmuch had the aforesaid contention conscionable with the Mercedes successful front.

"With 2 cars close determination you tin divided the strategies, you tin spell long, you tin effort overcutting, you tin effort undercutting, starting connected antithetic tires. That is surely a large advantage."

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