One repast a day, no shelter, and no drinking h2o are lone immoderate of the difficult living conditions that indigenous Warao families from Venezuela are facing in distant locations crossed Guyana, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has warned. 

More humanitarian beingness and enactment from the planetary assemblage is needed, said connected Friday Philippa Candler, UNHCR’s Multi-Country Office Representative successful Panama, speaking to journalists successful Geneva. 

An estimated 24,500 refugees and migrants from Venezuela are surviving successful Guyana, including immoderate 2,500 indigenous Warao. 

Some person settled successful hard-to-reach areas adjacent the Venezuelan borderline and others successful oregon astir the towns of Mabaruma and Port Kaituma. 

Since aboriginal 2020, immoderate 250 Warao also recovered refuge in Anabisi in bluish Guyana. More than fractional of this radical are children. 

Living conditions 

According to UNHCR, these communities person constricted entree to services and the transportation of assistance is impeded by remoteness, deficiency of transport infrastructure and distances. 

Assessments conducted successful October and November show mounting needs, aggravated by the economical downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Most Warao people have lone 1 repast a time oregon less. Without ceremonial occupation opportunities, many are begging, moving unusual jobs, often successful speech for food, selling handicrafts oregon depending connected humanitarian assistance. 

Moreover, astir families bash not person entree to drinking water, relying alternatively connected rivers for drinking, bathing, and defecation. 

Last week, UNHCR received reports that one Warao child from the Anabisi community died and respective others were hospitalized, reportedly owed to malnutrition and diseases related to mediocre sanitation conditions. Some person been discharged since. 

UNHCR unit   measure  the needs of indigenous Warao families from Venezuela surviving  successful  informal settlements on  the banks of a stream  successful  Guyana.

© UNHCR/Diana Diaz

UNHCR unit measure the needs of indigenous Warao families from Venezuela surviving successful informal settlements on the banks of a stream successful Guyana.


Since 2019, the agency has worked with partners to administer worldly assistance, supply structure and enactment entree to acquisition services to refugees, migrants and members of the big communities.  

It also provides counselling, interpretation services and facilitates their entree to authorities services including wellness programmes and vaccination against COVID-19

UNHCR is currently delivering nutrient hampers, star lamps, mosquito nets, h2o purification tablets provided by the Guyanese Civil Defense Commission, and different basal alleviation items to immoderate 400 indigenous Warao from Venezuela.  

The agency works crossed 17 countries to respond to the plight of 5 million Venezuelan refugees and migrants hosted successful Latin America and the Caribbean. 

To date, the Refugee and Migrant Response Plan to conscionable the needs of the Venezuelan refugees and migrants and their big communities is lone 43.6 per cent funded. 

The appeal for adjacent year will beryllium launched connected 9 December.