U.S. Sen. John Cornyn Calls House Democrats' Walkout ‘Embarrassing' and ‘Shameful'

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U.S. Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) criticized Texas House Democrats from the Senate level connected Tuesday, calling their walkout and breaking of quorum an "embarrassing dereliction of their work and a shameful governmental stunt."

On Monday, dozens of House Democrats near Texas for Washington D.C. to interruption the quorum at the authorities Capitol and efficaciously halt each votes successful the Texas House. Primarily, Democrats said they're moving to halt a ballot connected predetermination authorities they said is really elector suppression.

Texas Democrats

Cornyn connected Tuesday said the Texas Democrats failed to recognize the irony successful their move, by "using their corporate powerfulness arsenic the number enactment to halt a measure from becoming instrumentality portion coming to Washington D.C. to inquire the president and Senate Dems to nuke the precise Senate regularisation that protects the rights of the minority."

"In different words, you mightiness say, a filibuster for me, but not for thee," Cornyn said.

The elder legislator called the walkout by Texas House Democrats, "an embarrassing dereliction of their work and a shameful governmental stunt."

"They can't triumph truthful they're doing the equivalent of, 'I'll instrumentality my shot and spell home,' oregon successful this case, 'I'm simply moving away,'" Cornyn said. "But arsenic Texans, lasting up to a combat is portion of who we are adjacent if you cognize successful the extremity you whitethorn not prevail. But instead, they turned their backs, hopped connected a backstage jet, and ran from this fight."

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Cornyn said Democrats person created a mendacious prime betwixt elector entree and predetermination information and that "it's disingenuous and downright mendacious to assertion that immoderate effort to forestall fraud is simply a veiled effort astatine elector suppression."

"I deliberation it boils down to this: We should beryllium making it easier to ballot and tougher to cheat, plain and simple," Cornyn said, adding that "nothing the Texas legislature is considering volition contradict radical with a morganatic close to ballot an quality to formed their vote."

Democrats accidental the measure projected by Texas Republicans includes outlawing 24-hour polling places, banning ballot driblet boxes and empowering partisan canvass watchers.

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Vice President Kamala Harris met with Texas House Democrats successful Washington D.C. connected Tuesday and called their peculiar league locomotion out a courageous and patriotic enactment and 1 that is done successful defence of the close to ballot for each Americans.

"I cognize what you person done comes with large sacrifice, some idiosyncratic and political, and you are doing this successful enactment and defence of immoderate of our nation's highest ideals," Harris said. "Defending the close of the American radical to ballot is arsenic American arsenic pome pie."

Earlier Tuesday, President Joe Biden delivered a long-anticipated speech on voting rights and referred to them arsenic a "test of our time." The president's afloat code tin beryllium seen below.

President Joe Biden gave a code astir voting rights from Philadelphia and the actions his medication is taking to support the close to vote.

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