Trial Date Set For Accused Serial Killer Billy Chemirmir

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The proceedings of accused serial slayer Billy Chemirmir is acceptable for Nov. 12, according to Dallas County tribunal records.

Chemirmir, a antheral accused of smothering much than a twelve women surviving successful North Texas status homes and robbing them of their jewelry, has been indicted connected 18 full superior execution charges.

In June, the Dallas County District Attorney's Office said it would not question the decease punishment for Chemirmir, who pleaded not blameworthy to the charges.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

In a statement, the territory lawyer says helium met with the victim's families and told them that prosecutors would petition 2 assemblage trials, with the extremity of securing 2 beingness sentences without the anticipation of parole.

If Chemirmir is convicted, the DA volition inquire for those sentences to beryllium served back-to-back…. meaning "in effect, determination volition beryllium nary accidental for Mr. Chemirmir to dice anyplace but successful a Texas prison."

Investigators said the women were believed to person been suffocated with a pillow oregon choked to decease anterior to being robbed, though the nonstop quality of their decease is unknown. Investigators besides said Chemirmir posed arsenic a attraction idiosyncratic to summation entree to the women's apartments and aboriginal sold oregon pawned their jewelry.

Many of the deaths present attributed to Chemirmir were initially listed arsenic earthy causes with the deaths often not investigated due to the fact that determination was nary suspicion of foul play.

However, aft a pistillate who lived astatine Preston Place successful Plano survived an onslaught successful March 2018, Chemirmir was identified arsenic a fishy and arrested. Information from that probe yet led to detectives investigating him for aggregate deaths arsenic they began reviewing hundreds of earthy decease cases to place immoderate different imaginable victims.

He has besides been linked done aesculapian examiner reports and civilian lawsuit filings successful six different deaths, bringing the full to 24 deaths successful North Texas, according to The Dallas Morning News.

In May, House Bill 723, a measure related to Chemirmir, passed some chambers easy and volition necessitate next-of-kin to beryllium notified erstwhile the cause-of-death connected a decease certificate is amended.

HB723, besides known arsenic Marilyn's Law for Marilyn Bixler, who died successful December 2017 astatine the Parkview successful Frisco status community, volition spell into effect Sept. 1

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