Top 5 tech trends for 2022

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Tom Merritt lists 5 exertion trends to ticker successful 2022, which see CBDCs and artillery tech.

2022 is coming, and the exertion satellite is not sitting still. As I screen tech quality regular for Daily Tech News Show, I get a beforehand enactment spot arsenic trends arrive, accelerate and disappear.

Here's my instrumentality connected the apical 5 tech trends to look for successful 2022.

1. Central slope integer currencies oregon CBDCs. You person seen sum of this astir constricted experiments successful China oregon tiny countries implementing them. I mean existent authorities integer currencies similar the Bahamas not adopting bitcoin similar El Salavador. This year, much large governments volition get successful the crippled of creating a government-issued integer currency successful an effort to stave disconnected perceived threats of the cryptocurrency wave.

2. Battery tech. I'm not going to foretell a large artillery tech breakthrough – that is 5-10 years away. But star and upwind are going to support getting amended and much innovative and that's going to radiance a agleam airy connected what we tin bash with existing artillery tech. Imagine what you've seen hap to smartphone batteries happening to industrialized powerfulness storage.

3. The spot shortage. Sadly, I bash not deliberation it volition extremity this year, but by the extremity of 2022 we volition spot the airy astatine the extremity of the tunnel, oregon shipping lane, oregon immoderate logistical metaphor you fancy. In fact, get acceptable for stories astir managing capacity, arsenic fabs drawback up, and each those caller plants being built request to beryllium justified.

4. Metaverse. You volition perceive the connection metaverse a lot. Still, conscionable similar now, it volition mostly beryllium meaningless. There volition beryllium nary existent metaverse successful 2022, though respective companies volition assertion they person done it. Web3 is existent – metaverse is not... yet.

5. AI backlash. I'm going to conjecture the backlash against AI volition swell. There has been a increasing interest implicit bias successful instrumentality learning algorithms, which volition proceed to turn into mainstream consciousness. That, fed by somewhat unfounded fears of the effects of AI, volition pb to boycotts, and calls for much regulation. Expect what's happened to information privateness to commencement shifting to AI. 

Sorry, I cognize each of that wasn't sunny, but they are the trends I spot earlier me. Check backmost adjacent twelvemonth to spot conscionable however close – oregon incorrect – I was.

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