Tips to Help Kids Become Better Readers

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School districts crossed North Texas person acknowledged distant learning did a fig connected education. The 2021 STAAR tests were compared to trial results pre-pandemic successful 2019.

The Texas Education Agency said the declines seen crossed each subjects, with English I and English II being the lone exceptions. The top declines were seen successful math.

Kristi Mullins, K-6 English Language Arts and Reading coordinator with Duncanville ISD, said they person besides seen important slides erstwhile it comes to students and reading. She’s hoping the summertime volition beryllium a accidental for families to assistance their students drawback up.


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“We are putting retired immoderate tips for parents and for caregivers. Things that you tin bash that marque a large interaction for your pupil with conscionable a small effort,” Mullins said.

Specifically, successful Duncanville ISD, determination are plans successful spot done the summertime to help.

“For the archetypal clip successful years, we are providing enactment systems for each people levels to assistance with the learning nonaccomplishment and inactive beryllium contiguous with immoderate of our students,” Mullins said.

Mullins said adjacent for families not successful her district, determination are plentifulness of escaped ways to assistance young learners go amended readers.

“You decidedly person a cereal container successful your cupboard oregon a canned good. Even erstwhile they are successful the bathtub looking astatine the shampoo bottle. When you person their afloat attention, they tin bash immoderate of those tiny things similar uncovering those show words similar 'the, a, and is,'” Mullins said.

She besides said journaling done the summertime tin besides help. Writing and speechmaking skills spell manus successful hand.

“Whenever you marque that necktie successful with speechmaking and writing, we conscionable cognize based connected probe that erstwhile some are activated, past students person specified an progressive retention successful speechmaking and writing,” Mullins said.

Mullins besides encourages parents to usage TV clip arsenic learning time.

“Use your TV’s closed captioning diagnostic wherever the words popular up connected the surface truthful that you pupil tin ticker the shows that they emotion but are forced to work the words astatine the bottommost of the screen,” Mullins said.

With the assistance of Reading Partners North Texas and the Fort Worth Library, NBC 5’s Reading With You Literacy Initiative has enactment unneurotic a database of publication titles successful English and Spanish for families to bask each summertime long. Many of the divers titles tin beryllium recovered successful your section nationalist library.

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