The New NBC DFW Local News and Weather App Is Live!

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The NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth apps for iOS and Android person been redesigned from the crushed up to marque it easier for you to enactment informed and rapidly find important section quality and weather.

The app, built in-house by the NBCUniversal Local team, has caller features focused connected timeliness, easiness of use, and readability to amended item the award-winning storytelling from NBC 5 Dallas Fort-Worth.

New features see a provender of the latest stories published, designed to marque definite you cognize what is happening arsenic soon arsenic possible; an improved alerts inbox that makes it casual for readers to drawback up connected large quality and manage; a caller video hub to easy find videos by recency oregon topic.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

You tin besides motion up present for Olympics alerts to get the astir urgent quality notifications from the Tokyo Olympics.

The app besides highlights NBC DFW's state-of-the-art upwind technology. Users tin spot a full-screen radar to show incoming storms, and a elaborate forecast includes caller accusation similar dew points, UV scale and more.

“This redesign includes galore features and updates based connected suggestions from our loyal audience,” said Tom Ehlmann, NBC 5 and Telemundo 39 President and General Manager. “We marque innovation and listening to NBC DFW users our apical priorities erstwhile making enhancements to the app, ever keeping the idiosyncratic successful mind.”

To amended readability, the app has a cleaner interface with an optional acheronian mode, designed to trim the airy emitted by the phone, which could trim oculus strain and amended your phone's artillery life.

To download the app, sojourn the iOS app store or the Google Play store. Don't hide to complaint our app successful the app store and nonstop america your feedback to

Here is simply a afloat database of caller and improved features:


  • Dark mode enactment for each pages.
  • Audio from different apps volition proceed to play portion browsing the NBC DFW's app.


  • Latest quality feed: Lists articles successful reverse chronological order.
  • Home leafage improvements: Page volition alteration based connected changes successful the quality cycle, with antithetic states to item the astir important accusation connected each visit.
  • Alerts inbox: Users tin present delete stories already work oregon support them to reappraisal later.
  • Reading experience: Users tin easy swipe near and close to spot caller stories.

Video Hub

  • New video hub highlights marque it casual for users to ticker a bid of videos back-to-back.
  • Videos are organized by some class and recency.


  • Customized experience: Users tin present customize the upwind page, deciding what accusation they archetypal spot erstwhile visiting the upwind section.
  • More elaborate forecast: The forecast present includes caller information points specified arsenic dew point, UV Index and more.
  • Improved radar experience: The radar volition present grow fullscreen, hiding astir interface elements to springiness the idiosyncratic the biggest representation country possible.
  • Weather alerts: Users tin subscribe to alerts, including precipitation alerts, for each location.
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