The Dallas Foundation Partnership Helps Bring $1.4 Million in Volunteer Services to Nonprofits

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A caller concern successful Dallas is bringing immoderate much-needed assistance to hundreds of nonprofits crossed North Texas.

The Dallas Foundation joined forces with the Communities Foundation of Texas and Lyda Hill Philanthropies to bring much than 1 cardinal dollars' worthy of unpaid services to 300 section nonprofits.

That's a large woody due to the fact that a batch of these groups mislaid volunteers and backing during the pandemic.

“As you cognize during the pandemic, our nonprofit partners struggled mightily. They mislaid their volunteers, they mislaid fundraising opportunities and yet, the assemblage expected much from them. They expected them to service much families, to service much meals and to truly assistance propulsion our assemblage done the pandemic,” said Matthew Randazzo, president and CEO of The Dallas Foundation.

The foundations stepped successful to enactment with the Catchafire enactment to virtually lucifer hundreds of volunteers to assistance with time-sensitive COVID-19 betterment work.

The online and distant volunteers from astir the satellite person helped North Texas nonprofits prevention much than $1.4 cardinal to date.

“A batch of nonprofits had to fig retired however to pivot and inactive enactment the assemblage erstwhile we were carnal distancing and couldn’t needfully beryllium safely adjacent to 1 another,” said Randazzo. It’s been each hands connected platform to enactment our assemblage during the pandemic.”


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For example, a younker enactment had to reimagine their sleepaway campy for mediate schools girls funny successful science, technology, engineering and math.

“Clearly successful the mediate of a pandemic we’re not sending our kids to slumber distant camps. So this enactment partnered with Catchafire and their volunteers to truly deliberation astir however to make an online component,” Randazzo said.

In different project, volunteers were capable to assistance a nonprofit helping women seasoned owned businesses.

AES Literacy Institute, a North Texas nonprofit that helps individuals 17 and older that did not decorativeness precocious school, was besides capable to usage the manpower and expertise from volunteers to assistance adults gain their Texas Certificate of High School Equivalency.

AES Literacy Institute

Like AES, different nonprofits were capable to get escaped assistance with graphic design, website, and finance, among different needs.

“So these are a mates of examples of nonprofits that got the expertise that they needed to truly pivot their programming and inactive made this infinitesimal during a clip of large uncertainty successful our community,” said Randazzo.

In 2020, The Dallas Foundation, successful concern with the much than 400 fundholders, invested much than $65 cardinal into the community.

If immoderate different nonprofits inactive request assistance with unpaid and different escaped services, they tin email to larn more.

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