Texas Speaker Strips Democrat of House Leadership Post as Protesters Rally Outside Capitol

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Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan stripped a apical Democrat, talker pro tem Joe Moody, of his enactment station successful the House Thursday arsenic hundreds of radical gathered extracurricular the authorities Capitol to protestation a GOP-proposed voting bill.

Phelan issued a connection Thursday greeting saying Moody was being relieved of work effectual immediately, though helium didn't elaborate arsenic to why.

Moody is 1 of the Texas House Democrats who walked retired of the peculiar session earlier this week to interruption quorum and forestall a ballot connected an predetermination measure they accidental is veiled elector suppression and not simply a instrumentality to marque elections much unafraid successful Texas.

House Democratic Caucus Chair Rep. Chris Turner (D-Grand Prairie, District 101) was captious of Moody's dismissal saying connected Twitter it was "short-sighted and dumb."

The smartest determination @DadePhelan has made arsenic Speaker was to name @moodyforelpaso Speaker Pro Tem.

Joe works tirelessly to assistance pb the House and is respected by D & R members.

Thats’s wherefore the Speaker’s determination to region Joe is truthful short-sighted and dumb. #txlege

— Chris Turner (@ChrisGTurner) July 15, 2021

After learning of Phelan's decision, Moody responded connected Twitter, "The astir important titles successful my beingness volition ne'er change: Dad, Husband, El Pasoan. Nothing governmental has ever adjacent cracked the apical three, truthful thing has changed astir who I americium oregon what my values are."

Protesters Rally Outside State Capitol

Meanwhile, extracurricular the authorities Capitol, hundreds of ministers and activists rallied against the Republican voting measure saying it would restrict voting rights, particularly of radical of color.

“We are thankful conscionable to beryllium here, to beryllium a voice,” said Rev. Larry Williams, a pastor astatine New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church successful DeSoto.

The rally took connected the aerial of a civilian rights rally from decades ago.

Claude Cummings is vice president of the Communications Workers of America.

"My woman is from Selma, Alabama. At 13-years-old she marched,” Cummings said. “And I person seen her the past mates of days, conscionable saying to myself, ‘I cannot judge I'm warring this combat each implicit again.’"

The standoff betwixt Democrats and Republicans showed nary signs of easing. With some sides dug in, it appeared the showdown could past weeks if not months.

Speaker Phelan Charters Plane

Phelan issued different connection Thursday day demanding House Democrats instrumentality to Austin and notifying them he was chartering a level to bring them backmost to Texas connected Saturday.

“I americium demanding each of our colleagues successful D.C. to interaction my unit instantly successful bid to unafraid their seat,” Phelan wrote connected Twitter. “The authorities of Texas is waiting.”

Texas Democrats, who person been threatened with arrest upon instrumentality to the authorities and besides who said earlier this week they were prepared to walk the full league successful the nation's capital, tweeted Thursday day Phelan should prevention his money.

Special Session

"The Speaker should prevention his money. We won’t beryllium needing a level anytime soon, arsenic our enactment to prevention ideology from the Trump Republicans is conscionable getting started," Texas Democrats said connected Twitter.

The existent 30-day peculiar league ends connected Aug. 6. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R), who tin telephone arsenic galore peculiar sessions arsenic helium wants, says he'll proceed to telephone them until the adjacent predetermination if necessary.

NBC 5's Frank Heinz contributed to this report.

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