Texas Speaker Phelan Puts Jet on Standby, Demands House Democrats Come Home

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What to Know

  • House Democrats near Austin Monday for Washington, D.C., to interruption quorum and forestall votes connected projected legislation.
  • Republican leaders said the lawmakers were abandoning their duties by flying to the nation's superior connected cushy backstage jets.
  • Threatened with arrest, House Democrats accidental they're prepared to enactment successful Washington the full league to halt voting connected an elections bill.

Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan (R) is demanding House Democrats instrumentality to Austin and resume the peculiar league and he's enactment a pitchy connected standby to hasten their return.

House Democrats walked retired of the peculiar session earlier this week to interruption quorum and forestall a ballot connected an predetermination measure they accidental is veiled elector suppression and not simply a instrumentality to marque elections much unafraid successful Texas.

The walkout has brought enactment connected projected authorities earlier the House to a screeching halt successful Austin. Texas Senators person remained busy passing authorities connected their side, but without a quorum successful the House, the approved Senate bills volition languish and dice astatine the extremity of the session.

Special Session

On Thursday, Phelan issued a connection saying helium was not lone demanding House Democrats instrumentality to Austin to get backmost to enactment helium was chartering a level to assistance them get location connected Saturday.

"In an effort to further compel House Democrats to instrumentality to the State of Texas, I americium chartering a level that volition beryllium connected standby successful Washington, D.C. connected Saturday," Phelan said successful a statement. "I americium demanding each of our colleagues successful D.C. to interaction my unit instantly successful bid to unafraid their spot connected the level and instrumentality to Austin successful bid to bash the state's business. The State of Texas is waiting."

Democrats, who person been threatened with arrest upon instrumentality to the authorities and besides who said earlier this week they were prepared to walk the full league successful the nation's capital, had nary contiguous effect to Phelan's offer.

Explainer: Texas Democrats Fled the State. Here's Why

In evident retaliation for the walkout, Phelan stripped a apical Democrat, talker pro tem Joe Moody, of his enactment station successful the House connected Thursday.

For the 2nd consecutive day, Phelan is besides demanding House Democrats who stay absent from the Capitol return their legislative per diem.

It's not wide whether Phelan has the authorization to request repayment, but House Democratic Caucus Chair Rep. Chris Turner (D-Grand Prairie, District 101) told NBC 5 connected Wednesday that the $221 per time per diems are paid retired astatine the extremity of the period and that helium expected members to diminution the payments.

At slightest 1 legislator, Rep. Michelle Beckley (D-Carrollton, District 65), issued a connection Wednesday saying immoderate per diem received portion not successful Austin would beryllium returned oregon refused.

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NBC 5's Scott Gordon contributed to this report.

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