Teenager Dies Following Dirt Car Racing Accident in Greenville

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The ungraded car racing assemblage is mourning the nonaccomplishment of a North Texas teen who died successful an mishap implicit the weekend.

Mini-sprint car operator Caleb Couch was racing astatine Superbowl Speedway successful Greenville erstwhile helium had an mishap Saturday night.

His father, Brandon Couch, a manager astatine Braswell High School, aboriginal wrote connected Twitter that Caleb’s car was “engulfed successful flames and they couldn't get him out,” and that helium was “in the pain ICU with 3rd-degree burns connected 60% of his body."


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

Caleb aboriginal died.

“It deed truthful adjacent to home,” said Glen Hibbard, a longtime ungraded car racer.

Hibbard said the calamity drives location conscionable however unsafe the athletics tin be.

“Soon arsenic I heard astir it, it broke my heart. I hatred it for the family, I hatred it for anybody that knew him, that was friends with him, and I hatred it for our sport,” Hibbard said.

Since the accident, condolences for Caleb person poured successful from crossed the country.

Many are pledging to bash everything it takes to debar a akin tragedy.

Hibbard, and immoderate contention organizers archer us, they're present re-evaluating information measures.

For Hibbard, it means installing occurrence suppression systems connected his cars.

“I don't person them connected my cars, but I stake they volition beryllium connected there,” helium said. “I don't privation to trust 100% connected idiosyncratic other to enactment maine out. I privation to astatine slightest person a warring chance.”

Hibbard has started an online fundraiser for the Couch family.

Caleb Couch was 17 years aged and acceptable to beryllium a elder twelvemonth astatine Wylie East High School.

The Superbowl Speedway says it has canceled races this play retired of respect for the Couch family.

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