Spelling Bee Champion Receives Special Guest Invitation by Dallas Wings Player

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Scripps National Spelling Bee’s champion Zaila Avant-Garde conscionable received an invitation to beryllium a peculiar impermanent astatine College Park erstwhile the Dallas Wings hoops squad plays connected Aug. 15.

Avant-Garde received a congratulatory video telephone from her favourite WNBA player, Wings defender Moriah Jefferson, successful a caller video shared connected the Dallas Wings authoritative Twitter account.

In the video, Jefferson says, “Congratulations connected winning the spelling bee, that's a immense accomplishment, I cognize myself would person been highly nervous, truthful I'm ace arrogant of you. I've been watching your videos nonstop. I person nary thought however you bash what you bash with the hoops and conscionable the spelling unsocial is incredible.”

Avant-Garde who is 14, made past arsenic the archetypal African American to triumph the spelling bee past Thursday. But she has made it wide that spelling is simply a broadside hobby, her existent absorption is connected the tribunal arsenic to wherever the hoops prodigy hopes to play successful the WNBA oregon perchance manager successful the NBA. Avant-Garde holds three Guinness World Records for dribbling aggregate balls simultaneously and has had the accidental to look successful a commercialized with NBA star, Stephen Curry.

Avante-Garde accepted the hoops crippled invitation from Jefferson. The Dallas Wings are acceptable to play against the Connecticut Sun successful Arlington connected Aug. 15.

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