Skimming Device Found in Gas Pump in Roanoke, Police Advise Safety Tips

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A skimming instrumentality was precocious recovered successful a state pump successful the 1700 artifact of North US Highway 377, the Roanoke Police Department said Friday.

Police did not specify the nonstop state station, but the closest state presumption is the 7-11 located astatine 1731 North US Highway 377.

Anyone who utilized their debit oregon recognition paper astatine a state pump astatine the determination from June 11 to July 13 is recommended to cheque their paper statements for immoderate suspicious oregon unauthorized charges and interaction constabulary if immoderate fraudulent enactment is found.

Here are immoderate information tips from Roanoke constabulary erstwhile utilizing a state pump oregon ATM:

  • Check for tampering astir the ATM, state pump, oregon recognition paper scholar earlier utilizing it. Be suspicious if you spot thing loose, crooked, oregon damaged, oregon if you announcement scratches oregon adhesive/tape residue.
  • Wiggle everything! A elemental cheque is to grasp the paper scholar insert and pull. A skimmer volition travel disconnected successful your hand.
  • Push, twist, propulsion connected the paper scholar and keyboard. ATMs that are intact volition not person immoderate loose, oregon jiggling parts. If parts “come off” oregon are loose, don’t usage that peculiar ATM and study it to the merchant truthful it tin beryllium examined person and repaired.
  • When entering your PIN, artifact the keypad with your different manus to forestall imaginable hidden cameras from signaling your number.
  • If your paper “sticks” oregon “catches” connected the paper reader, instantly cancel the transaction and interaction your fiscal instauration and section constabulary section to study the issue.
  • Check your slope statements (frequently). If you announcement fraudulent enactment connected your account(s), beryllium definite to study that to your fiscal instauration and to the constabulary section successful a timely manner.
  • Remember – if thing astir the ATM, state pump, etc. doesn’t consciousness close – don’t usage it. Report your suspicions to your section constabulary department.
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