Retired Teachers Say 13th Check Delay Highlights Need for More Permanent Solution

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Among the bills connected clasp successful Austin portion the House Democrats enactment enactment successful D.C. is simply a 13th cheque for retired teachers, which is simply a maximum $2,400 one-time wage bump advocates combat for each legislative session.

But successful this case, they accidental the hold conscionable shines a airy connected the request for a better, much imperishable solution.

Largely, the request to boost teacher status pensions has received bipartisan support.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

After the contented secured a spot connected Governor Greg Abbott’s database of peculiar league priorities, the Senate passed the measure.

Now without a quorum contiguous successful the House, it’s stalled.

“The Democrats who’ve near the authorities indispensable travel backmost truthful that we tin present this much-needed alleviation to our teachers,” said Representative Greg Bonnen (R-Friendswood) successful a property league Wednesday.

It’s thing groups similar the Texas Retired Teachers’ Association has fought for each legislative session, saying the mean Texas Retirement System monthly annuity is $2,096.

“Our retired teachers successful Texas are portion of a radical called the Teacher Retirement System. They don’t person societal security. They person fixed incomes that don’t alteration implicit clip unless the legislature offers immoderate benignant of payment enhancement,” said Executive Director Tim Lee.

15 years aft retiring from Dallas ISD, Judy Bryant said her annuity hasn’t increased. At the aforesaid time, her bills have. That’s wherefore she said this existent stalemate highlights the request for a much imperishable solution.

"We're blessed for the 13th check, but knowing that you're going to get a small summation each twelvemonth with a outgo of surviving accommodation to instrumentality attraction of rising prices is truly what we consciousness similar each of the educators who've served our children successful this authorities what we've earned and we deserve,” said Bryant.

While she waits for the stopgap, she said supports the state’s Democrats’ determination to interruption quorum implicit predetermination legislation.

She believes they’ll yet get their checks and hopes the adjacent legislative league tin bring the archetypal outgo of surviving accommodation successful 16 years.

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