Retired judge negotiating Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's custody dispute disqualified by appeals court

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(CNN)A retired justice hired to arbitrate a custody quality betwixt actors Angelia Jolie and Brad Pitt should beryllium disqualified owed to a imaginable struggle of interest, a California appeals tribunal ruled Friday.

The actors' divorce was finalized successful 2016, but custody and visitation issues for their six children person been moving done a California tribunal for the past 4 years.

During those talks, retired Judge John W. Ouderkirk -- who officiated their wedding -- was hired by some actors to negociate the substance privately.

    But Jolie's attorneys asked Ouderkirk to recuse himself past August, saying helium failed to afloat disclose each ties to Pitt's attorneys, continuing to enactment with them professionally successful different cases.

      Angelina Jolie says she divided  from Brad Pitt for the involvement   of their kids

      A Superior Court justice initially denied Jolie's request, saying she waited excessively agelong to record the complaint.

      But Friday, a three-judge sheet from California's Second District Court of Appeals determined Ouderkirk should nary longer enactment connected the custody dispute. The appeals tribunal agreed with Jolie's statement that Ouderkirk violated his ethical work to afloat disclose his enactment connected different cases involving Pitt's attorneys.

      "Judge Ouderkirk's nonaccomplishment to marque mandatory disclosures violated his ethical obligations; and, nether the circumstances here, Judge Ouderkirk's ethical breach ... mightiness origin an nonsubjective person, alert of each of the facts, reasonably to entertain a uncertainty arsenic to Judge Ouderkirk's quality to beryllium impartial," the court's sentiment said.

      A typical for Pitt told CNN the appeals tribunal determination was based connected "a method procedural issue."

        "The facts haven't changed. There is an bonzer magnitude of factual grounds which led the justice -- and the galore experts who testified -- to scope their wide decision astir what is successful the children's champion interests. We volition proceed to bash what's indispensable legally based connected the elaborate findings of what's champion for the children," Pitt's typical said.

        A typical for Jolie did not instantly instrumentality CNN's requests for remark Saturday.

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