Red Bull wants Hamilton suspended over crash

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Red Bull's motorsport advisor says Lewis Hamilton should beryllium suspended for his portion successful the clang that took Max Verstappen retired of the British Grand Prix.

The title conflict betwixt the pair, which has been bubbling on each season, yet boiled implicit connected the opening thigh of the Silverstone race.

Verstappen, who took the pb from rod position, was nether onslaught from Hamilton done the archetypal fractional of the lap. Hamilton attempted to walk the Red Bull into Copse corner, a close hander astatine astir 300km/h. Hamilton's near beforehand tyre deed Verstappen's close rear, sending the Dutch operator into the barrier.

However, replays showed Hamilton and Verstappen astir side-by-side connected the introduction to the corner, earlier Hamilton appeared to backmost retired slightly.

Hamilton was deed with a 10 2nd punishment during the race, but was inactive capable to retrieve and assertion his first triumph since the Spanish Grand Prix successful aboriginal May, cutting Verstappen's title pb to conscionable 8 points.

Lewis Hamilton draws alongside Max Verstappen moments earlier their British Grand Prix crash. (Sky Sports)

But the thigh 1 clang has divided sentiment among the F1 community.

"I don't cognize what the maximum punishment would be, but specified unsafe and reckless behaviour should beryllium punished with a suspension oregon something," Helmut Marko said connected Sky Germany.

"If a rival massively touches our rear instrumentality with his beforehand wheel, past that's nary longer a racing mishap successful the fastest country of the course.

"That is negligent to unsafe behaviour."

When Marko was told that Mercedes was blaming Verstappen for the crash, the erstwhile F1 operator didn't clasp back.

The presumption from Lewis Hamilton's car arsenic helium hits Max Verstappen astatine the British Grand Prix. (Sky Sports)

"Then they are each blind," helium said.

"The replays showed that rather clearly. He went into our close rear instrumentality with his near beforehand instrumentality and sent Verstappen into the barrier."

Red Bull squad brag Christian Horner was understandably livid astir the accident, laying each the blasted astatine Hamilton's feet.

He was instantly connected the vigor to FIA contention director, Michael Masi, telling the Australian that the "full blasted lies connected Hamilton".

"You could person had a monolithic accident. Thank God he's walked away. I anticipation you're going to woody with it appropriately," helium said.

Speaking aft the race, Horner remained unrepentant.

"He stuck a instrumentality up the wrong successful a country that you conscionable cognize that you don't bash that," Horner told Sky Sports.

"You conscionable don't instrumentality a instrumentality up the wrong astatine Copse successful that circumstance.

"He was obscurity adjacent ahead, interaction (was) left-front to right-rear, and it's 1 of the fastest corners successful the championship.

"Lewis has got much than capable acquisition to cognize that that's unacceptable."

Horner revealed that Verstappen was subjected to a 51G interaction with the obstruction successful the crash. He was taken to infirmary arsenic a precaution, but aboriginal released.

"It's dangerous, it looked desperate, and he's enactment a rival successful hospital," Horner said.

"I don't attraction what Lewis said, person a look, gully your ain conclusion, for me, that's a hollow victory.

"It wasn't overmuch of a penalty, was it?"

But satellite champion Jenson Button, a erstwhile teammate of Hamilton's, wasn't prepared to apportion blasted to either driver.

"It's a hard one, Lewis was astir alongside him," Button said connected Sky Sports.

"But that's for maine not the astir important part, it's that Max near capable room, but astatine that velocity it's precise hard connected the wrong to get astir that country astatine the velocity helium was going.

"Lewis had to backmost retired to get astir the corner, he's misjudged the apex, which is wholly just capable due to the fact that he's coming successful astatine specified a velocity astatine an space helium ne'er has before.

"He has missed the apex, determination was capable country for 2 cars, but it's a hard 1 to person a definitive reply connected who was wrong.

"I get the punishment for Lewis, due to the fact that helium enactment idiosyncratic successful the wall, but it's a tricky one."

Speaking instantly aft the race, Hamilton wasn't acceptable to judge immoderate blasted for the crash.

Lewis Hamilton lifts the British Grand Prix trophy. (Getty)

"I've not truly seen the footage, I saw a speedy clip of it erstwhile I went backmost to the store but I volition spell backmost and person clip to bespeak connected it," Hamilton said.

"I don't think, from my existent understanding, that I americium successful a presumption to person to apologise for anything. We were retired determination racing.

"I don't hold with the stewards but I instrumentality my punishment connected the chin and get connected with my job. I americium not going to whine astir it. Everyone is going to person a antithetic sentiment and I don't peculiarly attraction what radical think. I conscionable bash what I bash and I americium conscionable truly grateful for today."

Hamilton did instrumentality objection to Horner's assertion that the triumph was "hollow".

"I don't truly person thing to accidental to Christian different than it doesn't consciousness hollow," helium said.

"There are 2000 radical successful my squad who enactment incredibly hard and it is not conscionable astir me.

"I person already said this is not the mode oregon thing I privation to hap successful the race. It is important for each of america to instrumentality a measurement backmost arsenic emotions are moving precocious and I cognize what it is similar to suffer points wrong the squad and beryllium successful that position, truthful I don't mostly interest astir it."

Former F1 operator Karun Chandhok, analysing the clang for Sky Sports, said the mishap was inevitable with neither operator prepared to concede an inch.

"At nary constituent is helium (Hamilton) successful front, astatine nary constituent has helium moved successful beforehand of Max Verstappen.

"Lewis does look to beryllium wide of the apex. When they marque contact, his trajectory is heading wide of the apex.

"He's (Verstappen) trying to springiness him room, helium has fixed him racing room, but he's besides expected Lewis to person backed retired of it. That's the captious thing.

"Lewis expected Max to backmost retired of it. Max expected Lewis to backmost retired of it.

"But they're some racing drivers warring for the satellite championship, and neither of them are going to backmost retired of it.

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