Pandemic Prompts Road Tour for Summer Camp for Physically Challenged Kids

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Camp Wamp is simply a summertime campy for physically challenged kids. The accepted campy acquisition has been connected intermission due to the fact that of the pandemic. This year, alternatively of campers going to The Sierra successful California, Camp Wamp Across America is coming to them.

"Just due to the fact that campy isn't happening we tin inactive find connections crossed the state and marque this happening arsenic Camp Wamp-like arsenic possible," Joe Wampler said.

Wampler is the lad of Camp Wamp laminitis Stephen Wampler, a 52-year aged with cerebral palsy who utilized a wheelchair to get around. Wampler wanted kids similar him to acquisition the large outdoors.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

"Growing up having a dada successful a wheelchair who ne'er fto thing halt him, it's ever been truly hard to marque excuses wrong my household," Joe Wampler said.

Rather than beryllium retired different twelvemonth due to the fact that of the pandemic, the younger Wampler and 4 of his friends acceptable disconnected connected a cross-country circuit to bring Camp Wampler to the kids. Their stops person included Denver, Jackson Hole, and North Texas astatine the Flying 5B Ranch, wherever campers got a safari-like circuit to spot the animals and spent the time fishing.

"I deliberation it was 1 of our champion stops yet," Wampler said. "Every clip I spot 1 of these kids flooded thing that they didn't deliberation they were going to beryllium capable to do, it's a position alteration for me. Anything that's going connected successful my life, thing I'm struggling with seems truthful overmuch smaller than it did before."

Camp Wampler Across America plans a halt successful Phoenix next.

"Every 1 of these kids tin person an autarkic beingness and bash each the things that each idiosyncratic aspired to do," Wampler said.

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