North Texas Woman Warns of Scams After Calls Requesting Money on Gift Cards

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A North Texas pistillate is sending a informing to others aft she says she was scammed retired of $170,000.

The woman, who does not privation to beryllium identified, tells NBC 5 she retired past twelvemonth and successful April she says scammers called her telling her idiosyncratic opened up 18 accounts successful her sanction and was sending wealth to Colombia.

"I said nary mode I'm not sending immoderate wealth to Colombia and I person nary 18 accounts, banks accounts. He said, 'well we person present that you bash and that you are truthful successful bid for you to halt these radical from getting immoderate much wealth retired of your accounts we request you to speech to someone,'" the pistillate said.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

She says they convinced her to nonstop her wealth to them done acquisition cards for safekeeping.

She says she yet learned of the scam erstwhile she tried mailing a container filled with $16,000, but the container got mislaid successful the mail.

She called constabulary and she hopes her communicative tin beryllium a informing to others.

"I anticipation it helps people. I truly do."

The pistillate says she has recovered immoderate wealth but not each of it.

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