North Texas Diver Hailey Hernandez Departs for Tokyo Olympics

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North Texas diver Hailey Hernandez is connected her mode to Japan to vie for Team USA successful the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The 18-year-old was a bundle of nerves arsenic she checked successful for her formation aboriginal Sunday greeting astatine DFW International Airport.

“I’m feeling ace excited and acceptable to spell retired determination and conscionable get determination and compete,” Hernandez said.  


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Fresh retired of precocious school, the Southlake Carroll postgraduate volition beryllium competing successful the 3m springboard, and has a batch to look guardant to. 

“I’m getting acceptable to conscionable getting to conscionable hopefully a batch of different athletes and conscionable to acquisition thing that is specified a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” she said.  

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Her mother, Teresa Hernandez, was astatine the airdrome to spot her girl off.

She wished she could beryllium successful Tokyo to enactment her girl from the stands, but spectators person been barred due to the fact that of the city’s COVID-19 authorities of emergency.  

“It’s a small bittersweet and bittersweet that, you know, she’s heading disconnected without us, without her family,” Hernandez. 

Though her fans can't beryllium determination to spot Hailey Hernandez vie successful person, she has a large squad cheering her connected astatine home.

In the weeks starring up to her departure, Hernandez was honored with a backyard solemnisation afloat of well-wishers and a parade successful Southlake Town Square.

Tokyo Olympics-bound diver Hailey Hernandez received a due sendoff Friday night. The Southlake assemblage showed their enactment for the section 18-year-old prima successful the municipality quadrate with a parade and party.

Hernandez plans to transportation that emotion and enactment successful her bosom arsenic she competes for Team USA.  

“We’ve ever grown up competing with the spectators and radical cheering truly loudly, truthful it’ll decidedly beryllium different," Hernandez said. "I’m bittersweet they’re not capable to beryllium there, but I cognize they’ll beryllium watching maine and supporting maine from backmost home, truthful I’ll retrieve that arsenic I’m competing."

The opening ceremonial volition beryllium held Friday. You tin ticker the 3m springboard contention unrecorded astatine 2 a.m. connected Aug. 1 streaming live, and besides connected USA.  

Select sessions of the Tokyo diving contention volition aerial unrecorded connected the networks of NBC Universal, while every session tin beryllium streamed unrecorded connected and the NBC Sports app.

Find afloat TV listings for diving and immoderate different Olympic athletics connected the full TV schedule. Diving volition diagnostic successful NBC's primetime coverage.

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