Never Left Out Again: Big 12 Coaches Like 12-Team Playoff

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The Big 12 Conference would surely payment from an expanded College Football Playoff and apt ne'er beryllium near retired again.

Under the projected 12-team format that would inactive beryllium astatine slightest a mates of seasons away, six-time defending Big 12 champion Oklahoma would person been successful the playoff again past season. Iowa State, which had a league-best 8-1 grounds successful the regular play earlier losing its archetypal title crippled successful immoderate conference, would person go the archetypal Big 12 squad different than the Sooners to marque it.

Neither the Sooners oregon Cyclones -- picked to decorativeness 1-2 again this play -- made it nether the existent four-team playoff that began 7 seasons ago, erstwhile Big 12 co-champions TCU and Baylor were near retired aft the last CFP rankings.

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"I deliberation the enlargement that's been projected is simply a large start. I commend the committee that enactment it unneurotic due to the fact that you've got to enactment yourself retired there. You've got to commencement somewhere," Oklahoma manager Lincoln Riley said Wednesday astatine Big 12 Media Days.

"It addressed getting the league champions successful the playoff, which has needed to happen," helium said. "It addressed a pathway for a Group of Five subordinate to beryllium capable to get into the playoffs, which honestly hasn't been realistic nether the existent system. In my mind, those are each large things."

Oklahoma mislaid CFP semifinal games successful 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019, but would person made the playoff the past six seasons if determination was 12-team fields.

Iowa State manager Matt Campbell said helium hadn't truly reflected connected the possibilities, oregon what could person been, but expressed the tendency for a balanced approach.

"I'm a feline that played Division III football, and determination is simply a playoff, and I deliberation that portion of it you surely love. Obviously you emotion the vessel games and what that stands for. So that balance, I think, is what we're trying to find," Campbell said. "And I surely deliberation the much teams that are competing for that playoff travel November and December, the much universities and pupil bodies are engaged successful the entirety of the decorativeness of the season."

Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby was 1 of 4 members of the CFP absorption committee that implicit a two-year play considered assorted options, from remaining astatine 4 playoff teams to expanding to arsenic galore arsenic 16. The subcommittee, which besides included SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey, Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson and Notre Dame diversion manager Jack Swarbrick, recommended a 12-team playoff that would see the six highest-ranked league champions and six at-large choices.

"The archetypal portion of feedback I got was determination was large astonishment we went arsenic ample arsenic 12," Bowlsby said Wednesday.

That connection was presented past period to the afloat absorption committee -- 10 league commissioners and Swarbrick -- and past to the 11 assemblage presidents and chancellors who marque up the CFP committee of managers that has the last say.

"The information for expanding the playoff is not the money," Bowlsby said. "The information for expanding the playoff is the realization that information could beryllium broader and entree could beryllium much readily accomplished, and much institutions could enactment adjacent to the flame."

The committee of managers are adjacent scheduled to conscionable Sept. 28 aft getting feedback from their ain schools and the ones they represent. Bowlsby expressed anticipation that the CFP is adjacent to a solution by clip the committee meets, though the earliest anticipation for implementing immoderate changes would inactive beryllium 2023, and could beryllium arsenic precocious arsenic 2026.

"Moving forward, we haven't had a twelvemonth successful the Big 12 successful the playoff epoch wherever our champion didn't decorativeness successful a presumption wherever it was 1 of the top-six rated champions," Bowlsby said. "While it's not automatic, I deliberation our chances of having our champion and possibly 1 different successful the lawsuit are beauteous good."

With TCU heading into its 10th Big 12 season, manager Gary Patterson feels the Horned Frogs would person had aggregate playoff appearances successful a 12-team format.

In 2014, the archetypal twelvemonth of the four-team CFP, the Frogs were 3rd successful the rankings erstwhile they finished the regular play with a 55-3 triumph implicit Iowa State, the aforesaid time Ohio State bushed Wisconsin 59-0 successful the Big Ten title game. The adjacent day, the Buckeyes moved into the apical four, with one-loss teams TCU and Baylor the archetypal 2 teams retired of the archetypal playoff. Kansas State was 11th successful the last rankings that year.

Patterson said helium likes the connection for an expanded playoff, though isn't definite astir the aboriginal of the league title games. He, similar different Big 12 coaches, wants the remaining vessel operation to beryllium preserved.

"Personally, conscionable due to the fact that little games, I privation they would person taken the title games retired of the equation and played that archetypal week. Your archetypal playoff week would person been archetypal week successful December," Patterson said. "You propulsion finals and everything successful there, you've got to person immoderate clip to beryllium capable to bash each this wherever your kids tin inactive beryllium students."

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