Mexico Soccer Fans in Dallas Warned Again Not to Yell Offensive Chants

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The Cotton Bowl successful Dallas is hosting the CONCACAF Gold Cup shot lucifer betwixt Mexico and Guatemala connected Wednesday evening.

Despite caller disapproval implicit their behavior, fans volition beryllium allowed into the stadium to ticker the matchup.

Fans of the Mexican nationalist shot squad person travel nether expanding scrutiny aft continuing to usage chants, deemed homophobic.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

The league has rolled retired an anti-discrimination run called ‘What’s Wrong, Is Wrong,’ hoping to alteration instrumentality behavior.

The passionateness and pridefulness Mexican shot fans person for their squad is legendary.

The Dallas Sports Commission describes Dallas arsenic being the team’s ‘home distant from home.’

But earlier fans record into the stadium successful Fair Park, they volition announcement a informing posted astatine the entrance.

Fans are warned they could beryllium ejected from the crippled if they commencement oregon articulation successful connected homophobic slurs oregon chants successful the stands.

Vulgar connection has agelong been utilized by immoderate Mexican shot fans, including during a lucifer astatine AT&T Stadium successful Arlington past weekend.

The squad has faced sanctions recently. Fans volition not beryllium allowed successful for 2 upcoming World Cup qualifiers.

Mexican officials are speaking publically astir the controversy, pleading for fans to refrain from the chanting.

The Mexican Consulate successful Dallas says the metropolis and its residents are privileged to person the accidental to ticker their squad connected truthful galore occasions. But with privilege comes obligation.

“One work is to behave and to behave correctly and to respect,” said Consul General of Mexico successful Dallas Francisco de la Torre. “We are not pursuing tradition. This is not cultural. We should not bash this due to the fact that it’s not respectful.”

De la Torre took to Twitter Tuesday evening pleading for fans to behave.

“I americium asking each the Mexican fans of the Mexican squad not to articulation these homophobic chants. There’s nary different sanction for it. It’s a homophobic chant and words person consequences.”

Consequences, including ejections and the suspension of games.

The Dallas Sports Commission, which works to pull sporting events to the metropolis is acrophobic too.

“It’s a small spot discouraging, and we look guardant to seeing immoderate alteration astatine tonight’s match,” said Dallas Sports Commission enforcement manager Monica Paul.

“We anticipation that Mexican fans tin recognize Dallas is simply a large futbol city. We don’t privation to needfully beryllium known arsenic the metropolis who has issues with chants and discriminatory words.”

The metropolis could besides suffer retired connected opportunities to big further shot games that tin pump betwixt $10-$25 cardinal into the economy.

Dallas is among 18 cities vying for the 2026 World Cup.

World Cup officials volition beryllium visiting Dallas successful the coming days. A determination is expected successful astir 7 months.

Paul adds fans could hazard attending Sunday night’s anticipated matchup astatine Cotton Bowl Stadium betwixt Mexico and El Salvador.

The statement implicit words utilized by Mexican fans is not chopped and dry.

Luis Gaytan of Seagoville admits to utilizing a connection that galore deem violative against the LGBTQ community.

“It’s similar a cheer,” helium said.

Like different fans, helium insists the connection they usage is not utilized oregon intended to wounded a circumstantial person.

“No, no, no. That ne'er crossed my mind,” said Gaytan. “You turn up with a precise heavy skin. So, for Latinos to get insulted by a connection similar that, it’s precise hard. Unless you spell straight astatine them.”

Those successful the LGBTQ assemblage reason careless of the intent, what matters is however the chants are received.

“As a queer-identifying Latinx-identifying person, it makes maine sad,” said Mariano Pintor. “For me, it brings conscionable a batch of symptom and shame and suffering.”

Gaytan points to a traditionally blimpish civilization wherever ‘machismo’ is deep-rooted.

“If anything, the Mexican assemblage should recognize we’re nether the aforesaid spotlight of being judged and criticized and we conscionable truly privation to bask the crippled too,” said Pintor. “Put yourself successful a presumption of being a 12-year-old instrumentality who doesn’t cognize their journey, but they’re confused. And they’re utilizing this connection successful a derogatory manner to shame the different team. That’s not a bully feeling to have.”

Pintor says helium understands the passionateness fans person for the athletics and would promote an alternate cheer to beryllium utilized by fans.

De la Torre says fans should instrumentality to affirmative cheers, including the ‘Mexican Wave.’

Gaytan does not judge fans volition fto up, careless of the consequences.

“If anything, it’s not going to extremity it. It’s going to substance it,” helium said.

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