Mattie Parker Spent Nearly $2 Million to Campaign for Fort Worth's Mayor, a $29,000 Per Year Job

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Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker raised and spent astir $2 cardinal connected her campaign, a fig that smashes immoderate erstwhile expenditure for a Fort Worth mayoral candidate.

The metropolis pays the politician $29,000 per year.

Parker's last run concern study filed Thursday, combined with erstwhile disclosures, shows she spent $1,984,471 full successful the wide predetermination and the runoff against erstwhile Tarrant County Democratic Chair Deborah Peoples.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

Parker, one-time main of unit to erstwhile Mayor Betsy Price, overcame small sanction designation to triumph her archetypal run for nationalist office.

According to the report, Parker received sizable donations from the constabulary and occurrence associations and billionaire John Goff, arsenic good arsenic the Good Government Fund, a governmental enactment committee controlled by the billionaire Bass family.

Among Parker's largest expenses were to Mayes Media Group for advertising.

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Parker noted galore of her donations came successful smaller amounts too, that she raised nary wealth from extracurricular Texas, and that determination was a ample turnout.

"I ran an intentionally non-partisan campaign," Parker said, explaining she didn't people her advertizing to circumstantial groups. "It does outgo much money."

Parker said she didn't cognize if the wealth made a quality successful getting elected, adding, "It's important to scope people."

Parker received 47,283 votes successful the June 5 runoff election.

By comparison, Peoples spent $805,763 and received 41,012 votes.

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