‘Marrying Millions' TV Star Pleads Not Guilty to Raping Teen

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Developer and world TV property William Hutchinson pleaded not blameworthy Tuesday to raping an unconscious 16-year-old miss astatine his Southern California abrogation home.

The 63-year-old, who is escaped connected $100,000 bail, declined to remark aft the proceeding successful Orange County Superior Court, telling reporters: “Have a bully day, nary convey you” arsenic helium got into a car, the Orange County Register reported.

Hutchinson is known for his 2 seasons connected the Lifetime bid “Marrying Millions,” which followed his romance with 23-year-old fiancée, Brianna Ramirez. Hutchinson owns Texas-based Dunhill Partners, a commercialized existent property institution that develops, leases, oregon manages buying centers and different properties nationwide.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

Prosecutors accused Hutchinson of taking 2 16-year-old girls connected respective trips this twelvemonth to his abrogation location successful Laguna Beach and giving intoxicant to 1 miss successful April earlier raping the unconscious teen. He is accused of intersexual artillery of the 2nd teen successful May.

Hutchinson besides is charged successful Texas with intersexual battle tied to allegations of groping a 17-year-old miss astatine his Dallas-area location successful May. He is the teen’s ineligible guardian, tribunal documents say.

William "Bill" Hutchinson

NBC 5 News/Highland Park Police Department

William "Bill" Hutchinson, mugshot, inset, June 2021.

Hutchinson, who has denied wrongdoing, surrendered to constabulary successful Highland Park, Texas, past week and is escaped connected $30,000 enslaved successful that case.

In California, Hutchinson pleaded not blameworthy to a felony number of rape of an unconscious idiosyncratic and 5 misdemeanor counts of intersexual battery. If convicted, helium could look up to 8 years successful authorities situation and 2 1/2 years successful region jail.

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