Man Shot by Grand Prairie Police After Ramming Officer's Motorcycle, Police Say

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A antheral is injured, changeable by a Grand Prairie constabulary serviceman Wednesday day erstwhile constabulary accidental helium intentionally rammed an officer's motorcycle portion attempting to elude seizure during a chase.

Grand Prairie constabulary said Wednesday day a motorcycle serviceman was moving postulation enforcement erstwhile helium attempted to halt a speeding operator connected the 3000 artifact of Corn Valley Road astatine astir 3 p.m.

Police said the operator refused to propulsion implicit for the serviceman and that during a pursuit the operator was seen throwing items from the vehicle.


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The operator entered a cul-de-sac on the 2800 artifact of Springdale Circle, constabulary said, and upon realizing he'd reached a dead-end helium made a U-turn and accelerated his conveyance successful the absorption of the officer.

The officer, who had stopped his motorcycle to effort and get the operator to surrender, jumped retired of the mode and fired a changeable astatine the antheral arsenic helium rammed his motorcycle.

Grand Prairie constabulary officials said the serviceman fired a azygous circular done the driver's windshield due to the fact that helium feared for his life.

The serviceman was not injured. The operator of the Nissan, identified Wednesday day arsenic 25-year-old Jose Vega, of Grand Prairie, suffered a insignificant wounded that is not believed to beryllium life-threatening. Vega was treated with archetypal assistance by constabulary earlier being transported to a adjacent hospital.

Grand Prairie Police said that per section argumentation the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office Officer-Involved Shooting Team was called to the country and is conducting an autarkic probe into the usage of force.

The Grand Prairie Police Department’s Office of Professional Standards volition besides beryllium conducting a concurrent administrative investigation.

The officer, meanwhile, whose individuality has not been released, has been placed connected regular administrative leave.

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