Lewisville ISD Teacher Reassigned After Yearbook Cover Controversy

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Promotion oregon punishment? That’s the question astir the latest determination successful the arguable yearbook, enactment retired astatine Downing Middle School successful Lewisville ISD.

Teacher Kayla Mick was ordered retired of Downing conscionable days earlier the extremity of the schoolhouse year, she was reportedly not allowed to speech to parents oregon students portion Lewisville ISD investigated the yearbook Mick supervised that year.  

On the screen were respective stickers arsenic a portion of a taxable chosen by students. One sticker has the phrase, "I can’t breathe." The different reads, "Science Is Real, Black Lives Matter, No Human Is Illegal, Love Is Love, Women’s Rights Are Human Rights and Kindness Is Everything.”


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Students said they approved each of the choices, but Mick brought the arguable stickers to the array for consideration. Still, they said it wasn’t her unsocial that created the cover, but a pupil decision.

“The main signed disconnected connected the yearbook. That's the large happening nary 1 is talking about. The main signed disconnected connected this,” said Stephanie Bell, a nonmigratory of Flower Mound who has advocated connected behalf of Mick.

Still, immoderate parents were upset and present we’ve learned Mick won’t instrumentality to Downing successful the autumn but volition determination to Lewisville Harmon High. The territory saying successful a statement: “It would beryllium unfair to qualify this arsenic thing different than a large accidental for advancement for Ms. Mick, and 1 that she has expressed excitement over.”

“I was wounded for the teacher, and I spoke to the teacher connected the phone, she was hurt,” said Bell.

So were parents who didn’t similar the governmental messages connected the cover, and students who didn’t similar however Mick was made to leave.

Lewisville ISD is apt successful that premix too, caught successful the middle, connected the contention that surrounded a yearbook that made past alternatively than papers it.

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