Johnson, Parker Among North Texas Mayors to Sign Letter Supporting Infrastructure Bill

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Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson and Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker were among respective North Texas mayors who showed their enactment for a bipartisan infrastructure bundle in a missive sent to some U.S. Senate and House of Representatives leaders.

Arlington Mayor Jim Ross, Denton Mayor Gerard Hudspeth, DeSoto Mayor Rachel Proctor and Plano Mayor John Muns besides signed the missive from the United States Conference of Mayors, which urged contiguous enactment connected the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework.

"This model would beryllium the largest semipermanent concern successful our nation’s infrastructure and competitiveness successful astir a period – $1.2 trillion implicit 8 years – to assistance marque our system much sustainable, resilient, and just," the missive says.


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The Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework referenced successful the missive would outgo astir $1.2 trillion implicit 8 years. The imaginable terms tag connected Biden's full infrastructure bundle reached implicit $3.5 trillion after helium met with senators Monday.

According to a White House information sheet, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave Texas a C- connected its infrastructure study card.

In the letter, the conjugation of mayors nationwide urged for 2 points portion the details of the bundle are developed:

  • No backing antecedently signed into instrumentality beryllium repurposed oregon redirected to assistance wage for caller investments successful infrastructure
  • Empowering section decision-makers and committing to much localism by investing done existing systems similar the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants, Community Development Block Grants and Surface Transportation Block Grants

Other Texas mayors who signed the missive see Austin Mayor Steve Adler, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg.

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