Hunt's blunt message for Dragons' 'dirty dozen'

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St George Illawarra skipper Ben Hunt has spoken for the archetypal clip astir the club's COVID breach that has thrown the Dragons' play into chaos.

Paul Vaughan had his declaration torn up, and a further 12 players person been suspended for 1 lucifer each, following a BBQ astatine Vaughan's Shellharbour property that breached some NSW wellness guidelines and the NRL's COVID-19 protocols.

Fines totalling $305,000 were besides handed out.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, Hunt, who has been successful campy with the Queensland State of Origin side, says helium feels fto down.

"I haven't had overmuch to accidental astir that [Vaughan incident] due to the fact that I went consecutive into Maroons campy and was distant from it all," Hunt told the Herald.

"I knew Vaughny said helium wanted to person a barbecue, but I ne'er knew if it was really going ahead, oregon what the numbers would beryllium oregon thing similar that. I was really enjoying household clip that night.

"It's precise disappointing. We're connected the borderline of the eight, we've had a mates of bully wins, and for thing similar that to hap is simply a large setback for the club."

Dragons skipper Ben Hunt (Getty)

The Dragons skipper acknowledged the apologies that person been forthcoming from those involved, but said they request to backmost that up with actions connected the field.

"I spoke to a fewer of the boys and they each said they were sorry," helium said.

"It was a large mistake made by a fewer people. They tin accidental atrocious each they want, they request to get connected with it now, toed the enactment and pb our nine - each those blokes who were determination request to assistance pb our club."

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