Hidden Dangers of Big Trucks

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Pickup trucks relationship for 1 of each 5 caller vehicles sold. In fact, the best-selling conveyance successful North America is simply a pickup truck. And those trucks are getting bigger.

A Consumer Reports investigation of manufacture information from 2000 to 2018 recovered rider trucks to beryllium 11% higher and 24% heavier. And with that accrued heft comes accrued dangers. Consumer Reports recovered that these large trucks person poorer beforehand sightlines oregon bigger unsighted spots that tin fell a pedestrian oregon smaller car close successful front.

Because of their tallness and agelong hoods, immoderate trucks person beforehand unsighted spots 11 feet longer than immoderate sedans and 7 feet longer than galore fashionable SUVs, which increases the hazard of the operator moving implicit idiosyncratic successful beforehand of them they can’t see.

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An investigation from the advocacy radical KidsandCars.org recovered that astir fatalities successful these kinds of crashes are children betwixt 12 months and 23 months old.

A pickup’s gangly beforehand extremity and higher bumper are besides much apt to origin superior injuries upon interaction than the bumper of a little vehicle. And trucks are much apt to propulsion a pedestrian down and tally them over.

So Consumer Reports asked manufacturers “Why person your pickups grown truthful tall?” Stellantis, the genitor institution of Ram, declined to comment. Ford and GM said that the changes were driven by user penchant and that the large trucks needed larger grilles to enactment motor cooling erstwhile towing trailers.

But determination mightiness beryllium different reason: The trucks marque the automakers a batch of money. Despite these risks, automakers are reluctant to marque changes to vehicles that are a large root of profit. Trucks with luxurious amenities person prices that are acold supra $60,000, and an automaker mightiness marque 4 to 5 times much wealth from selling a pickup than a sedan.

Can thing beryllium done to marque these trucks safer? Consumer Reports says mandatory precocious information exertion specified arsenic automatic exigency braking could help, arsenic could reducing velocity limits and designing roads that are safer for pedestrians and cyclists successful the archetypal place.

Consumer Reports knows that immoderate tasks truly bash necessitate a large truck. But if you request 1 lone occasionally, see renting. Some section car rental companies connection trucks, and immoderate location and plot stores rent them arsenic well.

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