Hearings Could Determine Fate of Texas Death Row Inmate

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It was a lawsuit that shook the authorities of Texas successful the 1990s and gained planetary attraction again successful caller years.

Rodney Reed, who was enactment connected decease enactment for the execution of a pistillate successful 1996, could go a escaped man. The hearings that volition find his destiny statesman connected Monday.

Reed has been connected decease enactment for much than 20 years. An evidentiary proceeding connected Monday volition footwear disconnected a reexamination of immoderate of the grounds successful his lawsuit that could assistance him a caller trial.

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Reed has maintained his innocence and his attorneys judge helium was wrongfully convicted of murdering 19-year aged Stacey Stites successful Bastrop successful 1996. Bastrop is simply a tiny metropolis located astir 40 miles eastbound of Austin.

Over the weekend, family, supporters and lawmakers person been gathering for rallies and supplication vigils successful Bastrop to request his freedom. Rallies person besides taken spot extracurricular the capitol gathering successful Austin.

The latest developments successful Reed’s lawsuit sparked successful June, when authorities prosecutors released disclosure letters stating determination were witnesses who spoke astir a imaginable consensual narration betwixt Stites and Reed.

His attorneys said those witnesser statements were ne'er provided to his defence squad 23 years ago, contempt Reed claiming helium had a concealed narration with Stites during his proceedings successful 1998.

His defence squad is accusing her then-fiancé successful the execution -- erstwhile constabulary serviceman Jimmy Fennel. He was a premier fishy successful the lawsuit backmost past and the past idiosyncratic to spot her live but was ruled retired owed to deficiency of evidence.

Fennel has since served a decennary successful situation for unrelated enactment crimes and kidnapping charges successful different case.

Some of Stites' household members spoke to Reed by telephone this weekend, expressing enactment for a caller trial.

"I conscionable privation to archer you that I was conscionable truthful ever touched by your household and their enactment and emotion for you. I conscionable commune that the things that person been done that perpetuate this injustice that has happened to you and to Stacey, that radical volition spot it,” said Heather Campbell Stobbs, Stites' cousin, while speaking to Reed connected speakerphone during a rally connected Saturday.

Reed was scheduled to beryllium executed successful 2019 but the Texas tribunal of appeals granted an indefinite enactment astatine the past minute.

His lawsuit gained nationalist and planetary attraction astatine the clip done The Innocence Project. Kim Kardashian West was vocal connected societal media astir his innocence and adjacent visited him connected decease row. Other celebrities similar Oprah and Beyoncé person besides expressed enactment for Reed’s release.

On Sunday night, family and supporters launched a marathon supplication vigil to transportation connected until 8 a.m. Monday erstwhile his proceeding begins.

It volition beryllium the archetypal of galore hearings successful this lawsuit implicit the adjacent 2 weeks.

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