Ghostwire: Tokyo Delayed To 2022

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Originally slated to merchandise aboriginal this year, Tango Gameworks and Bethesda Softworks person announced that their upcoming action-adventure game meant for PlayStation 5 and PC, Ghostwire: Tokyo, has been delayed to aboriginal 2022. 

The workplace took to the game's Twitter relationship to stock a connection with fans successful the community, saying that the squad has made the determination to propulsion backmost merchandise until sometime aboriginal 2022. "We privation to get the crippled successful your hands arsenic soon arsenic possible," begins the statement, "so you tin acquisition the unforgettable mentation of a haunted Tokyo that we've been hard astatine enactment building. At the aforesaid time, we're besides focused connected protecting the wellness of everyone astatine Tango. Our caller merchandise model volition springiness america clip to bring the satellite of Ghostwire to beingness arsenic we've ever envisioned." 

Tango Gameworks ended their message, saying: "Thank you for being diligent arsenic we enactment to bring you an acquisition dissimilar thing other we've ever made. We can't hold to amusement you much successful the coming months."

With Ghostwire being a PlayStation and PC game, galore person been wondering if it volition lone beryllium a timed exclusive with the acquisition of Bethesda from Xbox. Microsoft has publically stated that exclusivity will beryllium handled connected a "case-by-case" basis and that it volition grant anterior exclusivity deals. With Deathloop being moved to a timed exclusive, it's a anticipation that Ghostwire could grow beyond those platforms successful the future; Tango Gameworks has not revealed immoderate benignant of plans on those lines arsenic of yet. 

Regarding the delay, we've been seeing much and much quality similar this implicit the past year. Though the astir contributing origin is COVID-19, it's refreshing to spot this determination being made much openly and without backlash, arsenic it has been met with successful the past. By making delays much accepted (the treatment of excessively aboriginal announcements is simply a full different conversation), teams tin marque the adventures they privation to marque without being buried nether stressful moving conditions. This besides bodes good for the prime of time 1 motorboat titles, particularly erstwhile reflecting connected the missteps of Cyberpunk 2077

For now, we cognize that Ghostwire: Tokyo is coming sometime successful aboriginal 2022 and that the squad volition person much to amusement disconnected astir the crippled successful the "coming months."

What are your thoughts connected however the cognition of delays is evolving? Excited to larn much astir Ghostwire: Tokyo? Sound disconnected with your thoughts successful the remark conception below, beloved reader; we'd emotion to perceive what you think! 

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