Garland Firefighters Offer Support to First Responders at Florida Condo Collapse

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It's been astir 3 weeks since a condominium gathering collapsed successful Surfside, Florida. At slightest 95 radical were killed, 14 are inactive unaccounted for and it's inactive unclear what caused the gathering to fall.

First responders person been moving astir the timepiece to region factual and debris arsenic they've retrieved remains and proceed to hunt for people's loved ones.

It's a traumatic situation that tin instrumentality a toll for each involved, including the firefighters who proceed to excavation done the rubble.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

“They’re nether tremendous stress," Garland occurrence Capt. JD Schulgen said.

The 36-year veteran, on with 17-year seasoned Lt. Matthew Brawner, works astatine Garland's Fire Station 6. They spent the past week successful Florida arsenic adjacent counselors offering enactment to their chap firefighters.

"While they’re dealing with the collapse, they’re inactive making calls for suicide, homicide, car wrecks each the things that we bash arsenic firefighters and truthful it’s the accumulative effect the accent that happens successful spite of and successful summation to the Surfside collapse," Schulgen said.

The Garland Fire Department has astir 14 firefighters, including Schulgen and Brawner, who are trained to respond to high-stress events.

"We were tasked, with radical from each implicit the country, to spell down successful respective waves of adjacent supporters to assistance those firefighters enactment done the Surfside collapse," Schulgen said.

The section said it was called upon by the International Association of Firefighters to assistance assistance successful adjacent enactment aft the Metro-Dade Firefighters Association successful Florida asked for assistance.

“Sometimes talking is the champion mode to process things oregon the champion mode to woody with what you’re going through," Brawner said. "And successful this area, erstwhile thing is going on, you thin to absorption successful connected your enactment and you absorption successful wholly 100% and you don’t process things."

They said it tin beryllium hard for firefighters to speech astir what they acquisition successful the tract with loved ones astatine home, but it's easier to fto it retired with idiosyncratic who works successful the aforesaid field.

"Some radical conscionable wanted to speech astir baseball, immoderate radical wanted to speech astir Texas, immoderate radical wanted to speech astir our occurrence section present and past different things would travel out," Brawner said. "The existent things radical wanted to speech about, without adjacent realizing they wanted to speech astir it, and that’s however the speech conscionable people went."

Schulgen said erstwhile idiosyncratic lets their defender down, the stories commencement to travel out.

"One firefighter, we were talking astir intrusive images, astir things that you can’t truly power -- they’re conscionable successful your mind. And helium went backmost to a tally helium made respective years agone and said helium had the aforesaid happening hap to maine and truthful we could speech done that a small spot and provided him with immoderate section resources successful the Miami country that helium could avail himself to oregon adjacent his household if they needed assistance to effort to enactment done those hard times," helium said.

The 2 Garland firefighters spent clip astatine the tract of the operation collapse.

"It’s somber, that’s a beatified place," Schulgen said. "People mislaid their lives determination that were connected vacation, they were conscionable determination to bask the play and beryllium astatine the beach, I couldn’t deliberation of thing worse that could happen."

One of the victims recovered successful the rubble was the 7-year-old girl of a firefighter. According to officials, her begetter was not portion of the unit who recovered her body.

“Children should ever outlive their parents and I couldn’t ideate the emotion helium went through," Schulgen said. "One of the things that is communal successful adjacent enactment is my caput can’t hide what my eyes person seen, truthful those images for him volition beryllium determination forever. He’ll ne'er person those opportunities to stock with his small girl.”

The Peer Support Team from Garland has besides helped successful different traumatic events specified arsenic the Walmart shooting successful El Paso and the wide shooting successful Midland successful 2019.

"We bash this occupation due to the fact that emotion it. We privation to service and assistance radical and the top telephone that Matt and I, and others connected the team, person is to assistance our own, to marque definite that they’re doing OK, to marque definite that erstwhile this is each over, that they person resources that they request to proceed to bash the occupation that they’re going to do," Schulgen said. "We ne'er adjacent down, we ne'er spell connected holiday, occurrence stations are ever unfastened we privation them to beryllium the champion they tin beryllium for their people, their communities."

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