Freddy shuts down question over NSW halves

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Mitchell Moses and Jack Wighton had a pugnacious enactment to travel successful Nathan Cleary and Jarome Luai, but NSW manager Brad Fittler rated their Origin III show "great".

Moses was connected debut astatine halfback and Wighton was playing his archetypal crippled arsenic NSW five-eighth. While they whitethorn not person delivered victory, and had a clunky pairing astatine times, they some had bully moments and near Fittler satisfied.

He stood by his telephone not to play South Sydney brace Adam Reynolds and Cody Walker, who would person offered an established concern successful the lack of injured Penrith brace Cleary and Luai.

"No, I thought Mitchell Moses had the footwear for the [Api Koroisau] try," Fittler said, erstwhile asked if the Rabbitohs halves whitethorn person fared better.

"Jack Wighton scored a try. So I'm not definite wherever your statement is.

Mitchell Moses of the Blues passes the shot during State of Origin III. (Getty)

"I thought they were great. I was truly blessed with Mitchell Moses; I thought his defence was fantastic. They threw a batch astatine him.

"At the extremity of the day, I don't cognize what the [possession] enactment was, but a batch of it was successful defence, a batch of it was nether fatigue.

"A batch of Mitchell's defence was outstanding, and Jack Wighton's. There's ever 2 sides to a game.

"It was hard to archer who stood retired for america tonight, determination were a batch of blokes moving hard. The crippled was fast."

Despite the coagulated walk people from Fittler, Moses is apt to beryllium stuck arsenic a back-up No.7 into the future, with Cleary locked successful arsenic Blues halfback.

Wighton was promoted from the seat inferior relation to regenerate the injured Luai. He linked nicely with Moses for his effort aboriginal successful the 2nd half.

Jack Wighton of the NSW Blues scores a effort during State of Origin III. (Getty)

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