Founder of Grocery Store Network Prepares for Opening in South Dallas, Creates Partnership With Dallas Police

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Bruce Carter said helium wants to present thing caller to the communities adjacent the intersection of Bonnie View and Simpson Stuart Road. He said he’s moving to amended entree to steadfast nutrient choices and cultivate amended relationships with the constabulary officers who patrol this South Dallas neighborhood.

“We’re here. We attraction arsenic a brand. But also, you person a assemblage of radical that attraction that happened to beryllium constabulary officers,” helium said.

Carter is the laminitis of the My Grocery Store Network, which aims to enactment market stores successful nutrient deserts. Wednesday, conscionable days up of its opening successful the Highland Hills vicinity of South Dallas, Carter launched his 50/50 program. He urged constabulary and assemblage members to instrumentality a 50/50 attack to creating relationships.


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To footwear disconnected the partnership, Carter hosted a bicycle giveaway. 50 Dallas constabulary officers handed disconnected 50 bikes to children who unrecorded successful the area. The bicycles were provided by Spokes4Hope and the DFW Opportunity Center. He said the anticipation is that barriers volition beryllium broken.

“I deliberation with each the things that person happened implicit the past 2 years, that it starts to interruption those down, but besides it’s going to instrumentality a assemblage to woody with the violence. Police cannot bash it alone.

Carter has beardown ties to the assemblage and said ultimately, helium wants to spot it thrive.

“I played small league shot down the street,” helium said. “To travel backmost and determination into the lives of those, I cognize that it volition marque a difference.”

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