Fort Worth Student Gets Global Honors for Photo

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A precocious schoolhouse pupil successful Fort Worth got immoderate validation that her pursuit of creation is thing good.

"Getting the reassurance that your photography is good, it truly helped maine personally, yeah," said Marissa Heckmann, a third-place victor successful a planetary photograph contest.

Heckmann entered the 2021 Young Artists and Authors Showcase (YAAS) hosted by Sister Cities International. Close to 300 students from the U.S and astir the globe competed, and Marissa's photograph of her unsocial successful a acheronian country staring astatine a surface was the third-best.

"The punctual was anticipation aft COVID, and I submitted a representation of myself looking astatine my laptop surface successful the dark. So the surface was conscionable glaring astatine my face. And I was the lone happening you could see," she explained.

Heckmann, 16, called her photograph Repeat. It's however she sees her days surviving successful a pandemic.

Marissa Heckman, 16, says her aforesaid representation shows however her beingness was connected repetition arsenic she stared astatine screens erstwhile the coronavirus panademic closed her schoolhouse . Photo Credit: Marissa Heckmann

"Like you aftermath up, you get connected the computer. You spell to school, you eat, you get connected your telephone and its conscionable a longer mentation of that each day. That's wherefore I named the portion Repeat due to the fact that it was virtually repetition each azygous day," she explained.

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The inferior astatine I.M. Terrell successful the Fort Worth ISD utilized the self-timer connected her camera and propped the camera connected a rolling cart successful her country to drawback the award-winning photo. She has loved creation since she was a small kid but arsenic times has doubted whether she's bully astatine it. The doubts persisted adjacent arsenic her photograph Repeat won awards connected the mode to the planetary competition.

"And, I was like, ohio my gosh. And they were like, 'you're going internationally.' And I was like, 'I'm decidedly not winning that. I''m not gonna get anything.' Then, I came backmost and won internationally. I was like, 'Holy cow!' So, it does springiness maine a batch of confidence," she smiled.

The 2021 Showcase encouraged younker to taxable entries inspired by the taxable “United successful Hope.” Young artists and authors shared their imaginativeness of unity and highlighted the value of anticipation and perseverance successful some section and planetary communities to navigate these hard times.

“In an progressively divided world, Sister Cities brings individuals, cultures and countries unneurotic for the payment of all,” said Becky Renfro Borbolla, Board Chairma of Fort Worth Sister Cities International. “While planetary question is limited, that doesn’t mean planetary narration gathering can’t continue. We are truthful arrogant of Marissa’s creativity and her tendency to marque our satellite a amended place.”

Funding and in-kind enactment from the City of Fort Worth (4% of Sister Cities’ budget) play a cardinal relation successful its mission, but astir of its enactment is made imaginable done nationalist support.

Fort Worth Sister Cities International brings planetary attraction to Fort Worth with its 9 sister cities successful China, Eswatini, France, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, and Mexico since 1985.

Go online for much accusation astir Fort Worth Sister Cities.

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