Fort Worth Gunman in Custody After Shooting at Lawn Mowing Crew

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Police are investigating a shooting that occurred astatine a residence successful Fort Worth connected Friday.

According to the Fort Worth Police Department, constabulary officers and Fort Worth Code Compliance officers arrived astatine the 4800 artifact of Cedar Springs Drive successful notation to an ongoing Code Compliance contented astatine astir 8:30 a.m.

Police said the telephone originated for an execution warrant for a precocious writer violation.


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Code Compliance officers knocked connected the doorway to archer the homeowner astir the warrant and the enactment that would beryllium taking place, constabulary said.

According to police, aft respective unsuccessful attempts, the autarkic mowing institution started to mow the grass.

Moments later, a idiosyncratic from wrong the residence opened the beforehand model and began shooting astatine the mowers, Code Compliance officers, and constabulary officers.

Police said the officers retreated and took screen portion waiting connected further units to arrive.

While officers were taking cover, the fishy fired toward officers again connected 2 abstracted occasions, constabulary said.

According to police, determination are nary officers oregon persons injured.

Police said fishy barricaded himself wrong the residence earlier yet being taken into custody.

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