Family and Friends Remain Hopeful as Dallas Officer Battles COVID-19 in the Hospital

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Through prayer, positivity and community, loved ones and colleagues of Sr. Cpl. Arnulfo Pargas stay hopeful that he'll bushed COVID-19.

The 52-year-old tested affirmative for the microorganism connected June 12. He continued to person occupation breathing and six days aboriginal his woman took him to the hospital.

"I'm gladsome I took him erstwhile I did, and they (medical staff) said that they were gladsome that I went up and took him in," said Toni Pargas, the officer's wife.


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They've been joined for 20 years, but unneurotic for 35 and person six kids.

She said his oxygen levels were highly debased and was placed connected a ventilator. He's been successful the infirmary for a period now.

"We person religion that God is going to assistance him up from that furniture and he’s going to travel backmost location to us, it’s conscionable going to instrumentality a while," said Toni.

His woman and 1 of their daughters got vaccinated successful May. They told Pargas to spell with them, but helium wasn't capable to marque it and said helium would spell later. Toni said helium planned connected doing it, but clip kept going by.

"The time earlier I took him to the hospital, helium was like, 'Man I should person conscionable gotten vaccinated,' you know? Like helium had already tested affirmative and it was already excessively late," said Toni.

Their household is relying connected their religion to absorption connected a affirmative outcome. They've been done pugnacious times before, similar 3 years agone erstwhile their 19-year-old son, Alexander, was killed by a drunk driver.

Toni said religion continues to bring them comfortableness and she's lone focusing connected the positives arsenic they rally astir serviceman Pargas.

"We work the Bible to him each time that we spell up there," said Toni astir their infirmary visits.

She said they person received small glimmers of anticipation from aesculapian unit astir her husband's condition. On Wednesday evening she had a infinitesimal that she felt was encouraging.

"They lowered down his sedation conscionable a small bit, truthful he’s capable to aftermath up a small spot and past nighttime I said, ‘Squeeze my manus honey, compression my hand,' and helium squeezed my hand," said Toni. 'It felt amazing, helium knows that I'm here, my girl was close by him telling him, 'It's okay, you’re getting better."

"It’s been hard," cried their 18-year-old daughter, Valarie. "We’re each truthful utilized to him being present joking astir making america laugh."

She said she continues to archer her dada however overmuch she loves him and for him to support warring whenever she visits his infirmary room.

“It’s hard seeing him successful the infirmary conscionable there, not being capable to bash thing and we miss him a lot," said Valarie. "My dada means the satellite to me."

Officer Pargas Service to the Community

Pargas works successful the Lakewest Patrol Division and implicit the years has gained a estimation for his assemblage policing,

"He's served, he's done nutrient drives, turkey drives, he's precise embracing, he's got a beauteous tone astir him. He knows the radical successful the assemblage and he's ever determination promoting, engaging and interacting with our community," said Robert Munoz with the Dallas Police Department's Community Affairs.

Toni said adjacent erstwhile Pargas is home, he's inactive helping retired his community.

"He gets donations and helium takes it to pantries, helium does it connected his days disconnected connected his clip off," said Toni.

"We're praying for him, we're praying for the household Officer Pargas is precise instrumental successful the community, fundamentally successful the West Dallas community, they emotion him and raised him," said Munoz. "I cognize he's a combatant and we conscionable got to support him successful our prayers."

The DPD said portion they powerfully promote employees to get vaccinated, it's not mandatory.

Since March of 2020, 677 unit person contracted COVID-19 according to DPD. That includes 587 officers and 90 civilians. One serviceman has died owed to the coronavirus. Last Nov. Sgt. Bronc McCoy died of complications from COVID-19.

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