Fair Park in Dallas Closes as Mass COVID-19 Vaccine Site

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Dallas’ mega-site for COVID-19 vaccinations astatine Fair Park closed Saturday aft six months of operations.

The tract closed astatine 5 p.m. Saturday and was expected to administer astir 500,000 vaccinations successful totality since archetypal opening, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said. The site, similar others, faced complications with request during its archetypal months.

“We had our vaccine diverted from us. We had a big of problems, but we worked done each of those problems. Every day, we got a small better,” Judge Jenkins said Saturday. “It’s not wherever you start, it’s wherever you finish. It’s getting up each time and committing yourself to getting a small better, making that acquisition for our residents a small better. Every pistillate and antheral who worked present did that.”


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

Juan Garcia of Dallas received a Johnson & Johnson changeable connected Saturday. He admits, determination has been a hesitancy successful getting vaccinated.

“I conscionable wanted to get the accusation earlier I took it. I didn’t privation to conscionable spell retired there, instrumentality it, past get sick,” Garcia said. “Don’t beryllium acrophobic of it. Just instrumentality the shot. Have the assurance to instrumentality it and don’t beryllium acrophobic of it.”

Outreach efforts successful Dallas County volition besides continue, according to Judge Jenkins.

On Saturday, astir 15 radical participated successful a “block walkers” lawsuit canvassing a West Dallas vicinity and encouraging radical to get vaccinated. Jheison Romain, a argumentation advisor with Jenkin’s office, said they are inactive targeting areas wherever vaccination rates stay low.

Romain said they were determination to reply questions and directed radical to the nearest session oregon concern vaccines were disposable if they were interested.

“For some, they’re inactive reasoning it,” helium said. “So if we fto them cognize this is nearby, it’s convenient for them. It conscionable makes it that overmuch easier.”

Jenkins said arsenic of Saturday, conscionable nether 50% of Dallas County residents are not afloat vaccinated. While the tract astatine Fair Park has closed arsenic a wide vaccination center, pop-up sites whitethorn beryllium hosted determination successful the aboriginal connected a overmuch smaller scale.

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