ERCOT Unveils Roadmap to Improving Grid Reliability

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The Electric Reliability Council of Texas has announced that the "Roadmap to Improving Grid Reliability" has been delivered to Governor Greg Abbott, members of the Texas Legislature, and the Public Utility Commission.

According to ERCOT, the roadmap is simply a broad program that addresses operational improvements to the Texas powerfulness grid, including legislative changes, objectives outlined by Governor Abbott, and different reforms.

"Change is required for ERCOT to proceed to reliably service the millions of customers and businesses that beryllium connected us," ERCOT Interim President and CEO Brad Jones said. "We person extensively reviewed our processes to amended service Texans and volition proceed to enactment precise intimately with the PUC to guarantee we're aligned successful these efforts. These changes volition payment each Texans and enactment continued economical maturation for the authorities of Texas." 

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The 60-item roadmap is disposable online and volition beryllium updated regularly done the extremity of the year, ERCOT said.

"ERCOT's Roadmap puts a wide absorption connected protecting customers portion besides ensuring that Texas maintains escaped marketplace incentives to bring caller procreation to the state," PUC Chairman and ERCOT Board Member Peter Lake said. "Texans merit a much reliable grid, and we're aggressively moving to marque that a reality."

ERCOT said the roadmap includes some caller and existing initiatives, including taking a much assertive operating attack by bringing much procreation online sooner if needed and purchasing much reserve power, particularly connected days erstwhile the upwind forecast is uncertain. 

Other initiatives see requiring CEO certifications, meaning that aft a regularisation change, each marketplace participants who ain oregon run procreation resources oregon powerfulness lines volition beryllium required to taxable a missive signed by their CEO doubly a twelvemonth certifying their companies person completed their weatherization preparations to support the electrical grid for the summertime and wintertime seasons, ERCOT said.

The roadmap besides includes items similar adding caller requirements for procreation owners, assessing on-site substance supplies, performing unannounced investigating of procreation resources, and addressing transmission constraints successful Rio Grande Valley.

In processing the roadmap, Jones and the ERCOT squad worked with the PUC, customers, erstwhile regulators, retired manufacture executives, biology advocates, and marketplace participants to guarantee each areas for betterment were considered and included, ERCOT said.

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