DFW ‘Shark Tank' Style Event Set for Women, Minority-Owned Businesses

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This weekend, 20 North Texas women and minority-run tiny businesses and startups volition vie for $50,000 successful a “Shark Tank” benignant event.

The Dallas nonprofit Impact Ventures volition big “Equity successful Motion,” its Spring 2021 Virtual Startup Showcase, connected Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“The tallness of the pandemic shined a agleam airy connected the inequities that existed for minorities seeking to make wealthiness done entrepreneurship. Many businesses were not capable to get entree to authorities funding, and had small to nary cognition oregon relationships with their section banker,” said Benjamin Vann, Founder and CEO of Impact Ventures, successful a statement.


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Vann noted that the programme provides a abstraction for talented entrepreneurs to “gain entree to the captious societal cognition and fiscal superior needed to past and thrive post-pandemic.”

The businesses vying for the backing volition marque pitches for their businesses, followed by unrecorded Q&A via video chat, earlier the winners are selected.

The winning concern volition assertion $25,000 for its efforts. Select others volition stock the remaining prize money.

“We are hoping that this superior is going to assistance proceed to substance their dream, knowing that this is not the destination, but this is portion of the journey,” Vann said. and “[We privation to] assistance them get to that adjacent signifier and that adjacent large milestone successful their business.”

The virtual lawsuit is sponsored successful portion by JPMorgan Chase, Jabian Consulting, and Capital One.

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