Death Toll Rises to 210 From February Cold Wave in Texas

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State officials connected Tuesday added 59 deaths to the toll wrought by the Feb. 14 acold question and the ensuing illness of the Texas electrical powerfulness grid.

The deaths newly tallied by the Texas Department of State Health Services boost the toll from 151 to 210 deaths, astir from vulnerability to the sometimes-subzero temperatures. Still, immoderate were blamed connected c monoxide poisoning arsenic freezing Texans sought warmth from cars and outdoor grills.

The number remained preliminary and whitethorn alteration arsenic much deaths are confirmed, the section said.

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The region with the highest decease toll was Harris, wherever Houston is situated, with 43 deaths. Travis County, wherever Austin holds astir of its population, had 28 deaths. Dallas County reported 20 deaths.

The toll is simply a acold outcry from the archetypal March 15 study of 57 deaths. The toll was raised to 111 connected March 25, 125 connected April 6, and 151 connected April 28. The illness of the powerfulness grid managed by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas has made electrical reliability successful Texas an ongoing governmental question. In aboriginal June, Gov. Gregg Abbott declared that authorities lawmakers had fixed the occupation during its regular league that had conscionable adjourned. Since then, 2 conservation alerts issued by ERCOT during temperate outpouring upwind prompted renewed questions, and Abbott ordered caller measures by the Public Utility Commission that helium appointed and that oversees ERCOT.

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