Dallas ISD Art Teacher Celebrated in ‘Heart of Teaching' Campaign

3 months ago 21
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One creation teacher successful the Dallas ISD is doing thing bully and going supra and beyond to thatch her students Black past done music, books and artwork.

“We person a past arsenic African Americans, but what I wanted to bash was explicit the bully that came retired of that history. We each cognize tons of things. So I wanted to explicit successful my art, is however we became the radical we are today,” said Carolyn Chew.

Chew teaches each people levels astatine Dallas ISD’s D.W. Carter High School, weaving past into her enactment successful her workplace and successful the classroom. She wants her students to deliberation of creation arsenic a mode of expressing themselves.

Chew’s designation is portion of Dallas ISD’s “Heart of Teaching” yearly campaign.  

The acclaimed creation teacher conscionable started moving connected a caller series, “Quilts,” wherever she is diving deeper into the meaning of their woven history, which successful galore cases was an creator flight for African Americans.

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