Dallas County Judge Continues to Urge People to Get Vaccines as Numbers Go Up

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Dallas County said information implicit the past 3 months amusement cases are opening to creep up, and it's chiefly among those who are not vaccinated.

"What we're truly seeing is the opening of a caller question of the pandemic, but among unvaccinated people," said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.

According to a region statement, which is fixed each time different than the weekends with COVID-19 updates, "About 82% of COVID-19 cases diagnosed successful Week 27 were Dallas County residents who were not afloat vaccinated. In Dallas County, 1,338 cases of COVID-19 breakthrough COVID-19 infections successful afloat vaccinated individuals person been confirmed to date, of which 105 (8%) were hospitalized and 14 person died owed to COVID-19."


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"We are seeing immoderate beauteous superior unwellness amongst the radical who are unvaccinated. We're seeing those numbers spell up, truthful arsenic an example, the mean fig of caller cases a week agone each time was 125 cases. This past week it was 184 cases truthful that's a large jump," said Jenkins.

"It's not those numbers that we saw six months ago, but we're connected way to truly turn and there's a exemplary from UT Southwestern that says our numbers volition beryllium arsenic precocious arsenic they've ever been successful a fewer months if we don't crook this around."

Dallas County Health and Human Services said astir 58% of Dallas County residents supra the property of 12 person astatine slightest 1 dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Texas Department of State Health Services besides noted a emergence successful cases and superior unwellness amongst those who haven't had a shot.

COVID-19 is expanding successful Texas. Rises successful variants, including Delta, person led to surges successful cases and hospitalizations. Unvaccinated are astatine top risk. COVID-19 vaccines are the champion extortion against terrible unwellness from the virus.

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— Texas DSHS (@TexasDSHS) July 16, 2021

After six months, the mega vaccination tract astatine Fair Park successful Dallas closed aft astir fractional a cardinal radical had received their vaccine from the site.

While determination is much accessibility to vaccines via wellness attraction providers and pharmacies, Jenkins said determination volition beryllium pop-up events to get radical shots.

"There's nary bully crushed to not support yourself, your family, your community, yet your state from getting COVID, by simply getting your escaped vaccine," said Jenkins.

The Centers for Disease Control said portion information shows COVID-19 vaccines proceed to enactment good successful astir people, determination are 'breakthrough' cases.

On its website, the CDC mentions successful a Q&A that, "Large-scale objective studies recovered that COVID-19 vaccination prevented astir radical from getting COVID-19. Research also provides increasing grounds that mRNA COVID-19 vaccines (Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna) connection akin extortion successful real-world conditions. While these vaccines are effective, nary vaccine prevents unwellness 100% of the time. For immoderate vaccine, determination are breakthrough cases."

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