COVID-19 Cases Spike in Some Dallas County Suburbs

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Some Dallas County suburbs person seen a spike successful caller COVID-19 cases successful the past 2 weeks, according to Dallas County wellness officials.

Cases successful Addison, Lancaster, Sachse and Seagoville person been astir 50% higher than county-wide rates.

New COVID-19 cases successful Cedar Hill, Garland and Rowlett are astir 30% higher than the county's rate.

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The Dallas County Health Department emphasizes that astir 86% of the cases diagnosed are among residents 'not afloat vaccinated.'

In astatine slightest 1 of these suburbs, there's much down the numbers.

The municipality of Addison, for example, lone has astir 16,000 residents, leaving immoderate summation of cases appearing higher than communities with larger populations.

It's much wide known for its engaged wide aviation airdrome and arsenic a 'business town.'

Because of its ample footprint connected business, astir 100,000 radical came done the municipality earlier the pandemic, according to municipality spokeswoman Marty Rosenbleeth.

Adrian Dydell opened his 2 barbershop locations astir 2 years ago, conscionable earlier the pandemic hit.

Business, helium said, has really thrived aft they were capable to reopen past year.

"Everybody does a beauteous bully occupation astatine sanitation," said Dydell. "As barbers, we sanitize our worldly aft each client."

Dydell said helium has not been paying adjacent attraction to the pandemic oregon cases.

He was unaware of the uptick successful cases successful municipality and wonders what could hap next.

"Is it going to get backmost to the constituent wherever we person to unopen down again," helium said. "That's large for everyone here. It doesn't conscionable impact me, it affects everybody. My main interest is my barbers and my shops."

With 12,000 businesses including 180 restaurants, the town's spokeswoman points retired 78% of residents person received astatine slightest 1 vaccine truthful far. The municipality is 1 of lone a fistful to execute this percentage.

She said still, there's always, interest astir immoderate increase. Cases, the region says, particularly among those who've chosen to spell unvaccinated.

"That's what clients accidental erstwhile they travel successful is they don't cognize what's being enactment into our bodies," said Dydell who says helium is not rushing to get his shot.

"I wouldn't adjacent accidental I'm against it, I conscionable haven't taken the clip myself to spell and bash it," said Dydell.

The town's spokeswoman said they are reaching retired to Dallas County wellness officials for much accusation astir the summation successful cases to find what steps are needed.

Community dispersed of the coronavirus has besides accrued successful Tarrant County for the 2nd week successful a row.

County wellness leaders adjacent accrued the informing level to precocious recently, issuing this statement: "The complaint of assemblage dispersed has accrued from adjacent 2 percent successful June to adjacent 12 percent this week, which has triggered the Community Spread Level to emergence from Moderate to Substantial connected Wednesday and summation again contiguous to High. By definition, High assemblage dispersed occurs erstwhile affirmative cases (positivity rate) climbs supra 10 percent. See for much details."

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