Could Studying Driving Help Detect Signs of Dementia Down the Road?

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About 1 successful 3 adults with dementia proceed to beryllium progressive drivers and 50% of them proceed driving for up to 3 years aft their diagnosis. But present a caller proceedings is underway to spot whether cognitive changes that whitethorn pb to dementia down the roadworthy could beryllium detected done driving – years earlier.

Norman and Joyce Dohm similar to question the old-fashioned way.

“He doesn’t similar to fly. We conscionable similar to spot the USA by wheels,” said Joyce.

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But this year, Norman volition beryllium 80 and helium knows helium has a greater hazard for mild cognitive impairment which tin impact his driving.

“When you drive, you person to instrumentality into relationship dozens, if not hundreds of antithetic things happening astatine once. And that’s hard erstwhile your encephalon isn’t moving arsenic good arsenic it utilized to,” said Dr. Ruth Tappen astatine Florida Atlantic University's College of Nursing. 

Especially for drivers with dementia. They whitethorn person trouble changing lanes, making near turns, merging, pursuing routes, oregon adjacent driving astatine night. But researchers judge that cognitive changes seen during driving whitethorn springiness aboriginal penetration into dementia earlier noticeable symptoms tin beryllium seen.

“I deliberation of it arsenic a brand- caller aboriginal informing system,” continued Tappen.

They are partnering with engineers to make and trial an in-vehicle sensing strategy equipped with onboard diagnostics, GPS, and cameras.

“Driver facing video tin person AI that tin observe dodginess, distractions, and it tin besides way oculus movement,” explained Dr. Jinwoo Jang an adjunct prof astatine Florida Atlantic University.

Their extremity is to spot which driving changes bespeak a cognitive decline. Norman is taking portion successful the proceedings with the in-vehicle sensing system. Even though Norman and his woman consciousness helium is simply a harmless operator now, immoderate changes detected by the strategy tin springiness them an aboriginal informing truthful Norman tin deed the brakes.

“I privation to beryllium harmless to thrust truthful cipher other volition beryllium endangered due to the fact that of me,” shared Norman.

The proceedings volition travel drivers for 3 years. Participants successful the proceedings request to beryllium 65 oregon older with nary cognitive impairment, person a driver’s license, a car and car insurance.

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