Consumer Reports' Top Sunscreens of 2021

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We’ve each heard the warnings astir tegument cancer, but that doesn’t mean we ever travel our doctor’s advice. So dermatologists effort to marque it casual by saying that the champion sunscreen is the 1 you’ll really use. But as Consumer Reports’ caller tests reveal, immoderate sunscreens are overmuch amended astatine protecting your tegument than others.

Consumer Reports’ sunscreen investigating isn’t precisely a time astatine the beach. To cheque a sunscreen’s SPF—which stands for “sun extortion factor” and is simply a measurement of however good a sunscreen protects against sunburn—lotion and spray sunscreens are applied to the backs of trial subjects, who past soak successful a tub for 40 oregon 80 minutes, depending connected the product’s water-resistance claim. The country is past exposed to simulated sunlight. The adjacent day, trained experts analyse it for redness.

Consumer Reports’ apical lotion is Equate Walmart Sport Lotion SPF 50, and the apical spray is Hawaiian Tropic Island Sport Spray SPF 30.

Which is better, a lotion oregon a spray? It’s truly a idiosyncratic preference, but what truly matters is however you use the sunscreen.

If you’re utilizing a lotion, you’ll request to usage astir a spoon per assemblage portion oregon country that’s not covered up with clothing.

Sprays tin beryllium trickier to use than lotions due to the fact that it tin beryllium harder to justice whether you’re wholly covering your skin.

The due mode to usage a spray is to clasp the nozzle astir 4 to 6 inches from your tegument and spray until your tegument glistens, past hitch it in. Smoothing it into the tegument increases its protection. Then repeat, conscionable to beryllium safe.

Also, ne'er spray your face. Instead, spray the sunscreen into your hands and hitch it onto your face. Consumer Reports besides recommends being cautious utilizing a spray connected children, due to the fact that they are much apt to inhale the mist.

All of Consumer Reports’ top-rated sunscreens incorporate chemically progressive ingredients. But if you similar a mineral oregon earthy sunscreen, Consumer Reports’ tests recovered that California Kids Super Sensitive Tinted Lotion SPF 30+ provides acceptable protection.

To spot afloat sunscreen ratings, caput implicit to Consumer Reports' website.

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