Colleagues Provide Final Farewell for Argyle Man Who Died of COVID-19

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Listening to Kandice Kawas and Krystn Forste picture their dad, Jeff Forste, you'll apt representation a caretaker, a antheral who lived to service his daughters and wife.

“Just the small things. He would enactment her straw successful her drink,” said Kandice Kawas.

“Sweeten her tea,” added Krystn Forste.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

Kawas said he’d besides tuck their parent successful astatine night.

The sisters called their begetter giving, goofy and a idiosyncratic radical wanted to person around.

Now successful the family’s Argyle home, his lack is palpable.

Last month, Jeff Forste was hospitalized with COVID-19. His daughters said helium primitively expected to beryllium determination conscionable a mates of days, but it wasn’t agelong earlier helium was connected a ventilator. Then, doctors transferred him to a infirmary successful Oklahoma for ECMO treatment. However, they determined helium wasn’t a candidate.

On July 9, came clip to accidental goodbye.

"Once helium went, it conscionable ne'er got better,” said Kawas.

As Forste's household made arrangements to bring his ashes home, his coworkers astatine American Airlines, wherever he'd worked arsenic a mechanic for 20 years, stepped successful to help.

“American Airlines is going to alert you and your household to spell get him and we’ll alert you backmost and we person a astonishment for you,” Kawas said they were told by 1 of his father’s friends.

They told america to conscionable support looking retired the model added Forste.

As they landed, the aviator asked passengers to stay seated portion “VIPs,” the Forste family, were escorted disconnected the plane.

They watched arsenic the ashes of the husband, begetter and gramps were pulled from the plane’s belly and his colleagues lined up to springiness them a hug 1 by one.

"It benignant of each conscionable hits again due to the fact that you perceive the different passengers, ‘Oh look astatine the firetrucks. They're spraying the plane',” said Kawas. "I perceive idiosyncratic other say, it indispensable beryllium for idiosyncratic really, truly special."

It turns retired each of the years Forste had been pouring into his ain family, he’d done the aforesaid for his enactment one, leaving down a assemblage to assistance them done their darkest days.

"There is inactive bully surrounding us. We conscionable person to look. We conscionable person to spot it,” said Kawas.

Kawas and Forste started a GoFundMe to rise wealth for their father’s ceremonial expenses and to assistance attraction for his widow.

NBC 5 reached retired to American Airlines for comment. A spokesperson for the hose said they don't corroborate existent oregon past employment.

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