CNN’s Elie Honig Explains Why Allen Weisselberg Is the Perfect Person for Prosecutors to Flip

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For months now, New York prosecutors person treated their probe into the Trump Organization similar an probe into organized crime. And similar precocious illustration mob case, investigators are trying to get little level soldiers to flip connected the boss.

As of now, Allen Weisselberg, the long-time Trump Organization CFO has refused to crook connected his boss. During a Tuesday nighttime conception connected CNN, Elie Honig said that could alteration and explained wherefore Weisselberg is simply a large people for prosecutors.

Host Jake Tapper asked if it would beryllium omniscient for the Trump Organization to abstracted themselves from Weisselberg. “It would beryllium precise risky for them to bash that,” said Honig. “As a erstwhile prosecutor, it’s wide to maine that these prosecutors are trying to flip Allen Weisselberg, and he’s the nonstop close idiosyncratic to flip. What you are looking for arsenic a authoritative is cracks. What we person seen already is simply a tiny one.”

CNN's Elie Honig explains wherefore Allen Weisselberg is the cleanable idiosyncratic for prosecutors to flip

— PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) July 14, 2021

Honig continued by talking astir the caller determination to region Weisselberg from leadership. “It is reasonably regular successful this concern to spot idiosyncratic removed from the presumption arsenic an serviceman due to the fact that that tin get successful the mode of the business’s quality to bash business. So I’m looking for are we going to spot thing much dramatic. Are we going to spot nationalist disputes? Is helium going to alteration lawyers? That signals to maine helium mightiness beryllium changing his tune astir cooperation, but we’re not determination yet.”

Like John Gotti, Trump has remained a “Teflon Don” to this point. If Weisselberg was to flip though, the location of paper could travel crashing down.

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