Clay County Deputy Shooting Suspect Arrested in Arlington After Foot Chase on I-20

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What to Know

  • Statewide Blue Alert was issued for the operator who changeable a Clay County sheriff's lawman Monday nighttime adjacent Wichita Falls.
  • Deputy was changeable successful his bulletproof vest; released from the hospital.
  • Gunman's achromatic Cadillac was recovered aboriginal Tuesday; the gunman was arrested Wednesday greeting successful Arlington.

The antheral Clay County Sheriff Jeffrey Lyde says shot a lawman during a postulation halt Monday night was arrested by Arlington constabulary Wednesday greeting pursuing a ft pursuit connected Interstate 20.

Lyde said connected Facebook Wednesday morning that Arlington SWAT officers had cornered and arrested Joshua Lee Green successful transportation with the shooting of lawman Breanton Chitwood.

Lyde said Arlington constabulary had tracked Green to a edifice successful the country and arrested him aft helium tried to tally crossed the freeway to flight capture.

"As of close now, Joshua Lee Green, of Arlington, Texas, is successful custody connected his mode to beryllium magistrated and we are accusing him of aggravated battle of a bid officer," Lyde said Wednesday.

In his video post, Lyde said helium was grateful to the aggregate officers and agencies who worked unneurotic to drawback the suspected gunman.

"We had nary thought who helium was and 38 hours aboriginal he's successful handcuffs," Lyde said. "That is conscionable a testament to the large enactment of Texas instrumentality enforcement erstwhile we travel unneurotic to lick thing down present successful Texas. You sprout 1 of our constabulary officers and we are going to pursuit you and we are not going to stop."


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A statewide Blue Alert was issued Monday nighttime aft a Clay County sheriff’s lawman was changeable during an attempted postulation halt Monday nighttime southeast of Wichita Falls.

Chitwood was changeable erstwhile successful the thorax Monday nighttime during an attempted postulation stop. Lyde said Chitwood pulled implicit the operator of a Cadillac STS that "was displaying a licence sheet for a conveyance that was not the Cadillac" and that arsenic helium approached the conveyance idiosyncratic wrong began shooting.

Chitwood was deed erstwhile successful his bulletproof vest and was capable to instrumentality fire, Lyde said. Chitwood tried to prosecute the fleeing operator but had to propulsion implicit due to the fact that the slug shattered his microphone sending shrapnel into his face.

Law enforcement from the surrounding country tried to acceptable up a perimeter to drawback the gunman, but helium slipped distant and a statewide Blue Alert was issued.

What is simply a Blue Alert?

Monday night, Lyde went connected Facebook Live aggregate times to study the shooting and to amusement Chitwood successful the infirmary with a bruise connected his thorax from wherever his vest protected him from the round.

The adjacent morning, Wichita Falls constabulary recovered the Cadillac abandoned successful a parking lot, but determination was nary wide grounds shared publically that identified who had been driving the car.

Wednesday morning, Lyde announced Green's apprehension but didn't accidental what led constabulary to make him arsenic the fishy successful the officer's shooting.

A reward of $10,000 had been offered for accusation successful the case, $5,000 from Wichita Falls Crime Stoppers, and $5,000 from the Clay County Sheriff's Department. It's not wide if a extremity led to the apprehension and if a reward volition beryllium paid.

Lyde, who is expected to springiness different briefing Wednesday afternoon, said Green volition beryllium extradited to Clay County wherever helium volition basal trial. He does not yet person a enslaved magnitude and it's not wide if he's obtained an attorney.

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